Nov 062004

Regardless of whom you voted for in the Register of Deeds race, you have to give Crystal Crump kudos for not being dragged into the mudslinging. In spite of fact various supporters and opponents tried very hard to do so, Ms. Crump displayed a maturity and grace that we could only wish was more commonplace in Union County politics.

Enquirer Journal Online: Crump wins most contentious race

“It’s disappointing when you have Republicans going against each other,” Crump said. “I really hate that some resorted to dirty tactics.”

Those tactics included a letter writing campaign that questioned Crump’s qualifications and suggested that she was behind the criminal charges that led to Price’s demise.

Chapman acknowledged that the recent barrage of letters to the editor, published in The Enquirer Journal, about Crump helped her campaign, however, denied that the letters originated from her camp.

Nov 062004

The national Democratic party continues to miss the point. They tossed every conservative democrat over the side and became a tightly focused liberal machince with no interest in becoming a “Big Tent” party. Cobbling together radical left-wing special interest groups with the promise of each “getting theirs”, will not work anymore. We know who you are — and you’re not us.

My Way News: Democrats Have Bad Case of the Blues
After losing back-to-back presidential elections, Democratic leaders are trying to figure out how to make the party more relevant to mainstream Americans and keep it from slipping into perpetual minority-party status.

And the task is daunting, many Democratic consultants and leaders agree.