Nov 182004

In the Clinton era, everybody else was to blame — President Clinton was always the victim. That’s his story and he’s sticking too it — even his Presidental Library will continue to obfuscate and distort events — IS that any surprise!

Whitewashing Whitewater — The Washington Times

The former president, in exhibits he approved, repeatedly castigates Newt Gingrich, accusing him of instructing Republicans to label Democrats as “sick,” and asserts that the former House speaker led a cabal of radical right-wing “revolutionaries” bent on destroying Mr. Clinton for one reason: “Because we can.”

Although Mr. Gingrich would not comment on the new exhibit, his spokesman did.
“Why should anyone expect that a dishonest administration would produce an honest library?” Rick Tyler said. “It looks like we have the first ‘I pity me’ presidential library.”

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