Dec 302004

Print & television media’s political agenda continues to downplay and obscure the truth of our success in Iraq and the war against terrorism.

Ben Shapiro: Why the war in Iraq is an integral part of the war on terror

President Bush, meanwhile, steadfastly refused to separate the war on terror and the war in Iraq. Calling the war in Iraq a “central commitment” in the war on terror, Bush cited terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as evidence that the Iraq war and the war on terror were inextricably joined. “If Zarqawi and his associates were not busy fighting American forces, does Sen. Kerry think he would be leading a productive and useful life? Of course not. And that is why Iraq is no diversion.”

This week, the evidence came pouring in for President Bush’s position. Bin Laden sent in his latest audiotape to an Islamist Web site. On the tape, the al-Qaeda leader told fellow Muslims that they would be committing a “grave sin” if they did not wage jihad against U.S. forces and the government in Iraq. He labeled as “infidels” any Iraqis who participated in the upcoming Jan. 30 Iraqi election. He explained that al-Qaeda was spending at least $275,000 each week in Iraq. And he appointed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi his proxy in Iraq.

Dec 232004

The confusion and doubt cast by NC’s liberal interpretation of the provisional ballot once again, as with most things “liberal”, does more harm than good.

Charlotte Observer | N.C. school chief put on hold

The dispute in the race for superintendent of public instruction is based on about 14,000 provisional ballots cast by voters at a polling place other than their home precincts. A provisional ballot is given to a voter who shows up and is not on the voter rolls. After the election, officials determine whether the voter was eligible and for which races. Then, they count those votes only.

Provisional ballots typically have been used to compensate for address changes and clerical errors, but some voters used them this year out of convenience or confusion.

Dec 162004

The results in Union County left no doubts, but considering the voting machine fiasco — was there an attempt to minimize the Republican vote of western county voters or was it just minimise the number of western Union County voters period? So far there has been no accounting by the Board of Elections as to the why Marvin and Wesley Chapel voters had to weather 3 to 5 hour waits!

Creative Loafing Charlotte | Fork it Over ∙
Questions linger about election

If the Republican Party could rule out bureaucratic mistakes, they could begin to take this election apart and see where they went wrong. So three days after the election, the party sent the board of elections a letter requesting to see copies of the early voting paper trail.

Since then, although they continue to call the board weekly, they’ve gotten nowhere. Creative Loafing’s own request for the same data two weeks ago so far has met the same fate — silence. Elections Board Director Michael Dickerson said the board didn’t provide the data to the party early on because they were busy recounting votes. That makes sense. But they’re certainly not busy now, and haven’t been busy for weeks.

Dec 152004

Deja-vu all over again

Wal-Mart would increase traffic, crime, report says
Tega Cay planners to discuss study at special meeting

TEGA CAY (a tad NW of Rock Hill, SC) — Three Tega Cay Planning Commission members have completed a study that says a proposed Wal-Mart would bring more crime and traffic than previously thought.

The controversial Wal-Mart is proposed to go inside Stonecrest development, a 122-acre commercial and residential project close to the intersection of Gold Hill Road and S.C. 160. Wal-Mart would be near the intersection of Dam Road and S.C. 160.

Tega Cay resident Brian Fowler also will present a traffic report at Monday’s meeting. Fowler, who reviews traffic impact studies for the Charlotte Department of Transportation, has commented about anticipating traffic problems from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Kimley-Horn and Associates, hired by Wal-Mart, predicted the store would generate about 2,300 trips daily. Fowler said that number would be closer to 7,300.

Wal-Mart community affairs director Daphne Moore asked if the commission would hold a similar investigation on another store, if it wasn’t Wal-Mart. She said that Kimley-Horn and Associates uses internationally and nationally recognized standards to estimate trips around the store.