Feb 152005

Blog, Blogger, Bloggest

Lifting the fog from blogs
But many people remain mystified by the blog phenomenon. Small wonder, because so many news accounts fail to even mention what a blog is. You’d think it was just an ordinary noun, like toaster.

Merriam-Webster Online named “blog” its No. 1 word of the year for 2004, based on the number of people looking up what it means.

In the interest of saving you time, here’s the definition Merriam-Webster provides:

“Blog, noun — short for weblog (1999): a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

Most blogs are free-standing electronic journals written by average folks about some topic that interests them. Sometimes they’re personal. Sometimes they involve hobbies. Sometimes they pertain to politics or tech or sports or a profession.

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