Feb 282006

Union County Democrat Party

I am not well versed in the history of the Democratic Party here in Sweet Union. In 2004, they ran four or five candidates for commissioner as well as candidates for most of the major posts. There was competition! There needs to be competition — otherwise we’ll get what we have on the state level only in reverse. I know that statement was borderline heresy to some meat-eating Republicans, but hear me out.

Having healthy competition on the battlefield of political ideas is important to keeping our friends on their toes and our opponents working to offer better alternatives. I would much rather have tried and true Democrats running for office on their own platforms than having them re-label themselves as Republicans just to win. When you pay for a Rolex, you won’t settle for a knockoff!(1)

Let me cite a prime example of what happens when our Republican office-holders are not facing competition.

Last Friday, Union County Schools hosted “Legislative Day”, where the county’s NC State representatives received a presentation of the myriad of issues facing our schools. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Our schools problems are the biggest issues facing our county. Bar None! IMHO(2)

    Would you be surprised that our State Senator Eddie Goodall didn’t make the event — at all!

    Would you be surprised that Representative Curtis Blackwood skipped out after little more than two hours, leaving the presentation well short of the events being offered for HIM to learn about the UCPS issues first hand?

    Would you believe that Mr. Blackwood’s reported answer to all the issues raised by the school administration was that ‘He can’t do anything because the ‘Democrats’ control the State House and Legislature’. Tell me, is that the solution to our school problems?

    Would you believe that Democrat Pryor Gibson stayed most of the day and only skipped the presentations on the western side of the county (No surprise – not his district).

I hope there is still a breath of life Union County’s Democratic party, just enough to keep our Republican officeholders from taking all of us for granted. It’s certainly seems that way – now doesn’t it.

Perhaps it will take the ‘newcomers’ to instill some vibrancy in both parties. Nothing like a little shock therapy. :lol:

  1. There will be plenty of time to roast the knockoff running for re-election to the county commissioners []
  2. In my humble opinion []

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  7 Responses to “Is the Democratic Party in Union County dead????”

  1. OK, OK, I get it already….I’m a “Liberal, Money Hungry Liberal, Liberal Mayor, Liberal with Liberal leanings and liberal friends….” You’re right, Darren, that’s not name calling…that’s a respectful and responsible discussion of the important issues facing our community.

    Well Poor Darren, he can’t help it, he’s drunk the Kool-Aid and eaten the pork from the developers and builders (pig donated by Commissioner Rushing…)

    What Mr. Greene either doesn’t know, or isn’t saying, is that I have been actively advocating for the development of a corporate campus for Marvin and have been working closely with our economic development folks to make that happen. Further, the major developments that we are considering approval of are commercial in nature. I am a huge fan of commercial development, it’s the only kind of growth that does pay for itself.

    Non-retail commercial is the best taxpayer our county can have. For every dollar in taxes it pays, it only uses $0.70 in services. For every dollar in taxes that a home generates, it uses about $1.30 in services. Now, I may not be the best businessman, but I know that if you buy a hog for $1.30 and sell it for $1.00, making it up in volume is probably not the best solution to the problem.

    So, without respect to Mr. Greene’s bluster, he has, unfortunately gotten it wrong on nearly every count. Perhaps he’s positioning himself for big campaign contributions from the building community for the next time he runs for the Board of County Commissioners.

    Hey Darren, what’s the over/under on my switching parties? I’d like a piece of the over….


  2. Mayor Commerce,

    First of all, when I see it I will believe it. Thus far, you have shown no inclination towards commercial growth in Marvin.

    Second, you are what you are, and that is liberal. The first year you went on the Village Council in Marvin you voted to DOUBLE the taxes on the people of Marvin. And every year since, you have failed to do anything to lower the tax burden. As a matter of fact, with growth and re-evaluation, you have continued to allow taxes to increase on the people of Marvin.

    You are the spin-doctor though, so I am sure you will have a clever way to get out of this one. Must be the Clinton School of Politics that makes you so adept at dodging the facts.

    And as far as the line on your switching parties, call your Governor….he is the gambling man.

  3. The reader will note that my “Democrats” piece preceded the editorial in this mornings EJ by a day. :)

  4. Please be assured that Union County will have a lot of Democratic candidates on the Primary ballot on May 2nd. Check records over the last three years and you should not be surprised how many Democrats changed to Unaffiliated to be able to vote or else were brave enough to change to Republican so that they could get elected. The EJ ran ads saying to switch parties at the last countywide election and I have heard rumors this is the same message being sent around Union County today!

    As yous state – Imagine That!

  5. Yeah, the Democrat Party meets at Dale Jarrett Ford the first Thursday of every month!

    The Chairman of the County Commission is not only a democrat, he is the guy who when he couldn’t win as a registered democrat after God only knows how many trys, he switched to the GOP. No doubt he represents the worst of the worst.

    It is truly a shame. It is one thing to be a democrat that sees the light and switches because you can’t stand for it anymore, but some of these characters are so cute. They don’t even try to make it look good, they just jump and run. I regularly check to see if the good liberal democrat Mayor of Marvin has jumped yet….nothing yet. I will update. Poor guy knows he can’t make it as a D and with his passion to be a big dog instead of a little pup ….I am sure he will soon be at DJ Ford on Thursdays! Maybe Roger can be his mentor.

    Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms were both democrats…so that proves there is life after the democrat party. Only problem is, Reagan and Helms were true conservatives…most of these goons in Union County are anything but.

  6. If Mr. Greene wishes to engage in the typical Rushing-esque game of name calling, he ought to be able to back it up.

    Truth is, he doesn’t have a clue where I stand on social issues. If he were paying attention he’d know that it is me and people who think like me who are trying to keep property taxes in the county low by responsibly managing growth. I’d be willing to bet that he can’t say the same. Last I checked, fiscal responsibility was a conservative value.

    Let’s see, the BOCC is Republican and county taxes are scheduled to increase 33%, the Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress and we’ve gone from surplus to deficit and the federal debt is up to $8 Trillion. Maybe I’m wrong about fiscal responsibility being a Republican perspective.

    FYI, I am proud to be the Mayor of Marvin and I’m not interested in being a dog of any kind.

    Mike Cognac

  7. Mike,

    I don’t think I was name calling. I was pointing out an example of someone who was stuck where he was and had no way out except to become something he is not. Your positions are clearly liberal and you can’t dodge that.

    Your cute commentary in the March 16th edition of the Enquirer Journal was awesome. Thanks for the help. You made it clear you are clueless. You and your kind are about to be exposed for what you really are, a bunch of money hungry liberals out to line your own pockets. If you cared so much about cutting taxes you would support commercial development, but that would destroy your little plan to get rich by inflating your own property values. This whole APFO has nothing to do with keeping taxes low, it has everything to do with raising property values…which will only cause the taxes to go up.

    The BOCC is not Republican. You know as well as I do that the Chairman of the BOCC as a Democrat, and his pals Sexton and Stone are enablers. And go ahead, bash my President…make sure to add that to your next commentary to the newspaper. Let everyone know where you really stand Mike. Get it off your chest…make sure the citizens of Marvin are clear on who the Mayor really is.

    FYI: You ran for Commissioner so it is fair to say that you want to be more than a small town mayor…..I was just pointing out that you will never be more as a Democrat living in Union County. That being said, I will be sure to alert everyone when you pull a “Lane” and try to work your way up by being something you are not. I’d start a pool and take bets on how long it takes, but gambling is a cornerstone of your party isn’t it Mr. Cognac?

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