Apr 262006

Everyone need clean waterAt a time where many people are clamoring for the Monroe Bypass and better environmental management of water quality in our streams, a recent series by the ‘opinion’ columnist of the County Edge, paints this important, yet hereto a poorly publicized issue, with the brush of election year politics.

This same subject, the sewer plant and later the “Concord-Kannapolis Inter-Basin Transfer” (C-K IBT)” are favorite campaign issues of Clayton Loflin and to a lessor degree, incumbent Stony Rushing. Asked about at most of the candidate forums, and interesting enough, the subject of a “candidate” question published in the County Edge. Prior to the election campaign(1), not a peep.

It doesn’t take a cynical view to realize the issues were broached to change the political subject. Clayton Loflin running for commissioner on the sewer and growth management issues, given his record, is a little like Capt. Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez as running for office in Alaska touting his record on environmental safety.

Union County, like every county in the Charlotte metropolitan area has major water supply concerns. The seriousness of this issue requires a thorough examination of the facts. Decisions should be made with cool heads, not tainted by a political opportunism or crusading in print to aid political comrades.

Perhaps at some point, the County Commissioners can discuss the prospects of the C-K IBT in a work-session where private citizens and editorial columnists can take part of a truly meaningful dialog. I will be there.

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  3 Responses to “Throwing mud into the County’s water needs!”

  1. Mark, I am curious about one thing with the IBT. I watched the Commissioners meeting when the woman appeared (the river keeper). She showed up with all sorts of info for the commissioners and was readily available to speak to questions. They chose to move her to the next meeting siteing they could study and ask intelligent questions.(at least that was my interpretation). Seems this IBT stuff should be discussed whenever possible until information can be disseminated, I know I don’t know enough about it to make any kind of opinion on it. Is it just coincidence that this subject won’t be broached until after the election? Any suggestions as to which side of this issue is misleading facts? If we can never hear the information how do we base a valid decision?

  2. Mark, this IBT issue isn’t my issue and I am not an expert on such things, but I have been thinking about what i heard at the commissioners meeting when the Catawba river keeper spoke. She said Charlotte has been granted a 36 mgd IBT and Union has a 18 Mgd now and has ask for 26 mgd. (mgd= million gallons a day). Cabarrus and Stanley counties have ask for 38mgd. That adds up to 118 mgd or over 43 BILLION gallons a year going from the Catawba basin to the Rocky river basin. How will that effect the downstream Catawba river water availability? Remember that downstream includes the power plant in S.C. (when the water level is to low it has to be shut down, as happened in a drought a few years ago) I do not know the answers to this , but I thinkno approval should be issued until we do know the answers. By the way, did you notice I spelled you name correctly in the EJ column?

  3. Thanks John, I did notice that and I appreciate it.



    I was told that arrangements are being made to invite the River Keeper and others to a commissioner work-session in June to discuss all the issues and elements of the IBT controversy.

    As John outlined above, if all the IBTs were to approved, the amount of water changing basins would be staggering.

    It is an important issue, let’s all take time to understand it first.

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