Nov 082006

Balance the load

Emerson said, “Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.”

The political landscape changed quite a bit yesterday — a tsunami on the national level and a tidal change locally. Union County’s high profile races, Tripp Helms(D) vs J.R. Rowell(R) and Jimmy Bention(R) vs Pryor Gibson(D) ended with Rowell and Gibson in the winners column, while the school board races saw the election of three new members and the re-election of two incumbents (Election results link).(1)

Two of the new school board members-elect are Democrats (:wink: non-partisan of course) and are likely to bring an idealogical shift to board policy. It will be interesting to watch the dynamics of the new board, especially when pressing overcrowding issues of western and north-western Union County draw so much of the county resources.

In a previous post, I lamented the lack of engagement of western county voters. Yesterday’s results, once the precinct breakdowns are releases, will likely prove my concerns about ‘bond fatigue’ are genuine as the 60% voter approval was 8 points less than the last 4 bond referendums.

A School Capital Investment Plan (CIP) of $500(2) million was approved this year to meet school construction of the next 5 years. Whether the new school board will continue to support these plans will largely depend on whether campaign promises were an honest commitment or empty rhetoric. Time will tell.

Every new election brings opportunity — let’s hope our newly elected officeholders will grasp it.

I won’t ask you to pick up your signs. :lol:

  1. District 6 race vote count is still underway []
  2. CIP of $850M less ($174M + $80M) []

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  2 Responses to “Election Results – A shock to the system or just a nudge?”

  1. How is the dead guy suppose to act? Only in Union County are people so tied to tradition that, not only do dead people vote, they also run and get elected. That is the funniest thing that I have ever heard and the symbolism is sooooo strong.

  2. “Shirley Secrest, elections director, said her office has no obligation to inform the public of a candidate’s death.”

    The campaign, apparently, ran ads as late as the Sunday prior to election day and handed out flyers at the polls. A dead guy beat an incumbent of over 12 years!

    “Harry Crow, head of Union’s Democratic Party, said that when his party placed the ads, he didn’t know Duncan had died. Two ads placed in the Neighbors of Union County section were ordered Oct. 26 and Oct. 30, about three weeks after Duncan’s death.” This gives new meaning to the philosophy of voting for anyone but a Republican–LOL!

    Reminds me of the Waxhaw mayoral election when “Wally” ran as a write-in. For any newcomers…Wally was a real underdog in the race…literally…he’s a German Shepherd mix, who incidentally, had a better platform than his 2 human competitors.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be very, very afraid!

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