Feb 102007

The following list is complied from a quick search of popular phrases or sayings that include the word ‘pig’:
When Pigs Fly

  • It’ll happen when pigs fly
  • As happy as a dead pig in the sunshine
  • As pig headed as a mule
  • Happy as a pig in slop
  • Hard to hold as a greased pig
  • In a pigs eye
  • Muddier that a pig sty
  • Silk purse out of pigs ear
  • Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered
  • Selling a pig in a poke
  • Squeal like a stuck pig
  • The road is going to be as greasy as a greased pig in the sunshine
  • This place looks like a pig’s sty
  • Even the blind pig finds the corn sometimes
  • Don’t ever try to teach a pig to sing, it irritates the pig and wastes your time.
  • Sweating like a pig.
  • Do you blame the pig or the man that feeds it?
  • Saving my bacon.
  • A Pork project

All very colorful uses of the word ‘pig’ in a phrase that imparts a visual image to make a point. Some of these quaint metaphors have been used for hundreds of years and are part of our everyday lexicon.

The metaphor I used in the last post was the expression “You can put lipstick on a pig — but it’s still a pig”. To illustrate the phrase, I used clip-art of a pig with lipstick in the post.

It is a very main stream expression, especially in political circles. Here are is example, during the 2004 Presidential Election, Vice President Dick Cheney used the expression:

“As we say in Wyoming, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” quipped Vice President Dick Cheney in a stump speech yesterday, with reference to John Kerry’s claims he would be a credible war president. It’s part of the VP’s daily refresher course in the presidential wannabe’s all-talk-no-action lack of decisiveness [the Girlie-Man Syndrome].

Last year, Torie Clark, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, wrote a book called ‘Lipstick on a Pig’ A Washington Insider Takes A Spin On ‘Spin’.

I ask you “What is Spin?”, but the attempt to lessen the impact of an unpopular decision or statement.

Removing the picture

I removed the pig clip-art and phrase from the preceding post for one reason; Mrs. Snyder took offense. I would have changed it sooner, had she called or emailed. I didn’t need to use clip-art or phrase to make my point, as it never was about who they hired, but how and why Commissioners Pressley, Mills and Baucom hired an ‘Image Consultant’, with no prior discussion with the Board minority (you know, the other ‘Republicans’) or made a public announcement of an open position.

After reading the EJ article this morning, it became apparent the GOP leadership was trying to deflect criticism by highlighting my post. The EJ story alludes as much.

Please view the original post. Union County Commissioner majority hires public relations ‘Spin-Meister’ You decide.

Looking at the furor stirred up since the post was published, it evidently presented some a terrific opportunity to reverse spin and attack.