Dec 182007

It isn’t often when you get to witness one of those perfect instances in time, where something extraordinary and unexpected happens. I just had to share it with VSO readers.

I ran across this video as I was checking a web email account. Just a little back story, Britain as you might expect has it’s own version of American Idol, called ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and so it has. Take note of the faces of the judges.


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  5 Responses to “One of those magical — totally unexpected moments”

  1. Check the internets for the background on this singer-

    While he did work a “day job” selling cell phones, he was a member of an amateur opera company and had been for years. He even took master courses in Italy with two of the “three tenors”

    While he was never paid as an employee for singing, he did win a singing contest a year previously and got 50k which he used to take the master classes.

    Basically, this story is like being surprised when someone at a community theatre group can act.

  2. Mr. Raines,

    You continue to suprise me and I shouldn’t be. After all, few can find a dark cloud in a silver lining like you can.

    I did check ‘your’ facts and as usual you’re half right.

  3. What a talent! And yes I am an afficianado of opera.

  4. Wow, mark raines again hurls distortion into a very simple matter. First, the guy took a 3 month course, not “masters” classes. There are many people who are amateur opera singers who do not sing like this guy does. What held him back was lack of self confidence, not talent. Humility is something you might benefit by studying.

    His voice is extraordinary. The money he won was on a quiz show. Check it out on

    An optimist looks at the glass and says “the glass is half full.” mark raines looks at the glass and says “someone stole half of my water!’ An old joke, but it seems to have originated in the truth. Lighten up, man, and enjoy the guy’s singing. Sheesh.

  5. I could care less how the guy got there, that was amazing and inspiring!!!.

    If all that mr. raines said is true, then good Paul. It’s a beautiful pleasure to see hard work and dedication to a dream pay off. :smile:

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