Sep 052008

Do you know the difference between a ‘Hockey Mom’ and a Pit bull?

“Lipstick”, said Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and GOP’s VP choice in speech last night before the Republican Convention.

Finally, someone on the GOP presidential ticket, I can actually feel good about when I vote in November.

Republican VP nominee speech highlights

Wall Street Journal:
How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment {click}

The former mayor of Wasilla had been appointed by Mr. Murkowski in 2003 to the state oil and gas regulatory agency. She’d had the temerity to blow the whistle on fellow GOP Commissioner Randy Ruedrich for refusing to disclose energy dealings. Mr. Murkowski and GOP Attorney General Gregg Renkes closed ranks around Mr. Ruedrich—who also chaired the state GOP. Mrs. Palin resigned. Having thus offended the entire old boy network, she challenged the governor for his seat.

Sarah Palin’s Surge {click}

It’s being said that in choosing Governor Palin, Mr. McCain was making a play for disaffected Hillary Clinton voters. Yet we heard just one line invoke women as a political issue, and then only in a positive sense: “This is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity.” Our sense is that the Governor’s real political potential lies in her appeal to Reagan Democrats and Truman Republicans, voters Mr. McCain will need in November.

Focus Turns to Palin Record

“It’s difficult when you stand up to the status quo, because change does not come easily,” says Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who was elected in 2006 on the same campaign for clean government as Ms. Palin. “But she genuinely cares about everyday Alaskans and their concerns, and that’s why she’s so popular.”

New York Times: In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will {click}

Time Magazine: Mayor Palin: A Rough Record

By the time Sarah Palin was entering state politics, the hottest issue in Alaska wasn’t gay marriage or even abortion. It was corruption and cronyism. Andrew Halcro, a noted Palin critic who ran against her as an independent in the governor’s race, says she knew instinctively that the issues were changing. Plus, he says, her opponents, such as incumbent governor Frank Murkowski, whom she defeated in the primary, were just as hard-right on abortion and guns as she was.

The Morning Call: A closer look at Sarah Palin’s record

Her signature project as mayor was the construction of the city’s new hockey rink and sports complex. Ms. Palin asked the voters for permission to issue a $15 million bond and pay for it by boosting the sales tax from 2 percent to 2.5 percent. The referendum passed by a 20-vote margin, and the city began construction.

Wall Street Journal: Obama Can’t Win Against Palin by KARL ROVE

Mr. Obama has again started a debate he can’t win. As senator, he has requested nearly $936 million in earmarks, ratcheting up his requests each year he’s been in the Senate. If voters dislike earmarks — and they do — they may conclude Mrs. Palin cut them, while Mr. Obama grabs for more each year.