Sep 242008

The New Plan for the Woods

ublished in the Enquirer Journal today was a story quoting IB Development partner Philipp Walton as saying that he wants to “move some dirt in the coming months, starting some roads for the Woods, and then perhaps prepping homes with a form of septic tanks.”

Prior to requesting a pump station from Union County or the recent conditional use permit for a sewer plant from Weddington, IB Development had received a preliminary plat for septic use from the town.

During the conditional use hearing, representatives from IB Development testified that a septic tank option was not feasible, if there investment goals were to be met. Meaning that density is more profitable, as would be the difference between 204 lots on a sewer solution versus 126 lots or less on septic.

Many observers noted during the conditional use permit public hearing testimony of one IB Development contracted engineers, who stated that the town of Weddington knew full well, that when the developer asked for septic in their first sub-division application, they had no intention of actually doing septic. This visibly raised the ire of at least one council member and may have changed his vote.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the developer will move toward a gravity sewer solution advocated by the Weddington Council and surrounding neighbors.