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The following is the Press Release:


Weddington, NC – June 5, 2009: Today, Barbara Harrison, a retired executive from Johnson & Johnson and Weddington activist announced her candidacy for the office of Mayor of Weddington. Ms. Harrison stated bluntly that the time is long overdue for  “Weddington to have a responsive, responsible and most important, transparent leadership.” She continued, “We can’t continue to have a government whose every action is tainted by questions concerning the personal gains or interests of individual council members.”

“This November, the voters will have a stark choice and I will work hard for their vote”, stated Harrison.

Ms. Harrison cited her executive experience, which included the management of an annual $90 million budget, numerous achievement awards and the ability to work with regulatory agencies. “Weddington is at a crossroads, every decision we make, will have lasting impact”, said Harrison, “We have to plan and create policies to address the big picture, support our business community and ensure that Weddington’s quality of life continues to be what our citizens desire.

Ms. Harrison pledged to work with the town council to:

  • Commission a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan that solicits citizen opinion and lays a strong foundation for future growth that serves the town of Weddington.
  • To join with our neighboring towns to build a regional awareness and partner on projects that will benefit us all.
  • To develop new policies to address the inherent unfairness to citizens of permit procedures.
  • Bring a more professional atmosphere to council meetings.

Barbara Harrison’s impressive resume includes a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science from Kean University (NJ) and a litany of professional achievements.  She is also on the board of directors for Christ Our Shepherd Ministries and is the Republican Precinct 41 Chairperson. Ms Harrison resides with her husband Pat in Stratford on Providence subdivision.

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  46 Responses to “Barbara Harrison announces candidacy for Weddington’s Mayor”

  1. Thank you Barbara. We need strong leadership in our community and I know you have the talent, and professional expertise to bring that to Weddington government. I look forward to supporting your candidacy.

  2. I read that entire press release and she avoided saying anything of substance in the entire thing.

    Is she planning on stopping growth in weddington, or letting it happen?

    She says she wants a new land use plan, which in this area of union county always means the same thing- STOP ALL GROWTH. No more houses, no more commercial.

    Why can’t politicians say what they intend to do? Is it because they want to walk both sides of the fence to make sure no individual voter has a reason to dislike them?

  3. Frank

    Tons of money and name recognition can be good and bad Depending who.

    Ref: tons of money and name in the last com. race

    tons of money and name lost.

    Ken Evans

  4. Tons of money and name recognition…. and lives in Weddington. I can’t wait to hear who it is. Some one who hasn’t run before and not an incumbent…




    “This race will be over upon his announcement.”

    Who carried this kind of political weight?

    I’d make more guesses, but I don’t want to sully someones reputation.

  5. That would be hilarious if Nolan ran for weddington’s mayor position, considering he wasn’t a resident until weddington involuntarily annexed his house a couple years ago- after a lengthy court battle that wasted several hundred thousand dollars of weddington’s money.

    “Oh, yippie, we just spent over a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees but at least we annexed an evil developer’s house! that’ll show him who’s boss!”


    Just another example of ridiculous wasteful spending and personal vendettas by weddington’s current leadership.

  6. Mr. Helms,

    Just for clarification, this person with the “tons of money and name recognition”, they are running for Weddington’s mayor position, correct? Or are they running for something else? Again, just to clarify.

  7. I’ll be at the meeting tonight with my "money and name recognition detector"…. beep beep BEEP!!
    I’m sure Daddy Warbucks will want to make his presence known if he has a political bone in his body. Nothing against Warbucks…. could be a nice fellar, who knows… but it doesn’t mean that I’ll be voting for him.

  8. I was remiss in my previous comment, not to congratulate Barbara Harrison for throwing her hat in the ring as a candidate for Mayor of Weddington.

    Being Mayor of any Union town is a thankless job, so take any thanks you can get.

  9. Frank, I don’t think we need anymore “clues”. Your posting was arrogant and disrespectful to someone who wants to try and serve our community and make it a better place to live and raise our families.

  10. Sounds to me like Frank is the “FRONT MAN” to just build the excitement for his candidate. Believe me Frank, we do need new leadership, but we aren’t falling for any Messiah around here.

    I believe we have some pretty intelligent voters in Weddington, and I think they will look at WHO has been involved and aware of the local issues. Frank the locals know who are the political activist, so a name only, is not going to get it. Personally I am not a celebrity chaser, so if the person that announces hasn’t been involved in the Weddington issues in the last year or so, I would have a hard time supporting them. Weddington citizens had a hard fight last year with the private sewer plant. Show me this person cared then, and I will see their importance in this race.

    By the way, I did not see any CELEBRITY Monday night at the Weddington town council meeting. It was the same community activist that kept the council in line and stopped the wasteful spending in the 2010 budget.

    SO… bring your PANTHER or BOBCAT, or that person who “THINKS” they are important. We will have spirited debate on the issues and the person that is best for the position will get my support.

  11. Erin B.

    I agree with you. We need a change in the Weddington leadership. But attending meetings is not the answer to all of the in’s and outs’ of managing a town government.

    Let me give you an example.

    In 2003 I returned to the council and was assigned to represent Weddington before the MUMBO. During that year, thru quite private meetings I managed to secure 20.4 million for the Rea Road Extension. The next year I was replaced by the Mayor. In private meetings the Mayor gave away 18 million to widen Independence Blvd. on the verbal promise from a developer (the Woods) to build most of the road. As of today NO Rea Road and no funding.

    I bring this to your attention that most of the important work is done out side of the board room. Once, completed it is then open to the public.

    We need a leader who is creditable. As of now our town leadership is lacking in this area

    As you know I am running for Mayor of Weddington. If anyone wants to contract me I have added my E-Mail address.

    Ken Evans

  12. I do not live in Weddington, but in the county. I love to observe politics where ever it exist, though. Something I find amusing: the one person who has not announced she is running for mayor is the current mayor. If she does not run, who will you candidates be attacking next? I am sure all of the people being talked about have great ideas for the town but where are they?

  13. Ken, this the very reason I cannot give you my support. I am AGAINST extending Rea Rd and I will always be. That road only benefits the good ole boy network that wants to have a gateway between Charlotte Airport to Monroe Airport. That road woud DESTROY our town as we know it and I will fight that road with my last breath. Ken, you have my full respect, regretfully not my support. Of course I would be happy to speak with you about this at a later time, but had to voice my opinion on this issue.

    Mayor Anderson’s negotiations regarding Rea Rd with The Woods is another reason I can’t give her my support. She is a supporter of extending Rea Road and I am not. Although we may see eye to eye on one or two issues, there are too many issues that we don’t see eye to eye on. When Friends of Weddington met with Mayor Anderson after The Woods was denied its private sewer plant, she indicated that Friends of Weddington wasted our time and money, as they wouldn’t have approved it anyway. Clearly this was not the case with what she and Gilmartin had put out there in the media and was the very reason why Friends of Weddington formed and waged a battle against this issue. I had two big issues with The Woods – Rea Rd… and that issue went away for now and also the private sewer plant. I’m not anti-growth. I wish them the best in their future endeavors. However, if Rea Road is anywhere in the picture, I will find out and another battle will ensue. I’ll be watching;)!

    I hope that the upcoming Mayoral race will be respectful and about the issues. It’s time for Weddington residents to get active and voice their concerns and come to the council meetings and keep up to date on the issues. Don’t rely on your neighbor to constantly fight issues that need to be questioned. Get involved and meet some new friends.

    The town council backed down on giving over $100,000 to Weddington’s High School’s weight room because of citizen activism. They may not admit that, but this is exactly what happened. Gilmartin made a promise he couldn’t keep but in the end $30,000 went to our Fire Department and it least some needed good came out of that whole fiasco.

    There are a couple of other key issues regarding roads – a connector road from Hwy 16 to Matthews-Weddington Road and a traffic circle that is on the agenda to be discussed at the next meeting. Weddington residents need to research the ideas for these roads and share your thoughts with the town council.

    I would encourage the Mayor to get the word out on these two road issues and give us more details about this so that we can either say we support it or we don’t. Lack of communication only fosters gossip, speculation and misinformation.

    I’m giving Barbara Harrison my full support for her run for Mayor. I think she’ll do an excellent job serving our town. I have taken the time to get to know her personally and professionally and I’ve been extremely impressed by how much she loves Weddington and her drive and dedication to see it become an even better and safer place to live. She is very politically minded and the public will see this from Barbara over the next few months. Her ideas and platform are exciting and I look forward to her sharing this with Weddington’s citizens.

    Melissa Emerine

  14. Erin:

    I don’t know how involved, if any, this gentleman was during the last year since he just moved in the town. Perhaps Barb has all the knowledge necessary to run the town effectively, but I for one, prefer candidates with no loyality to groups or former government officials so they can do what is right. Personally, I feel that is the problem with have with our new county commissioner majority. I am just sick of it!

    For the record, this guy has loads of experience in effectively running a business and creating excitement. He often speaks around the country on effective leadership and has had one of the top selling books in America. Rumor has it now he may opt to run for commissioner.

    I agree with Johnny Barker — I just like a spirited debate and that my friend, is what we are going to have if this happens!!!

    Don’t was all just love democracy!


    PS. To respond to Mr. Burnan’s question……major.

  15. Melisa

    It is very apperant to me you have no understanding of the issues….My comments had nothing to do with Rea Road extension…..only you wanted to interpet that way…..you also do not understand the local issues nor the election process….have you not studied the election of 03, and 07. in 03 we had a joint effort, in o7 we did not and lost….with Barbara running you have managed to divided the FOW, thus Nancy wins and we lose…..Thank you Melissa for what you want you have cause us to lose just ….I am running and will not support barbara….sorry…..Barbara has her support, but then agan so do I, the question is who is greater…I have a great deal of finacial support and a very large number of committed works….divid us and you have just work for Nancy….

    Ken Evans

  16. Eventually Mr. Evans will see the whole picture and understand where I’m coming from. I can’t put in time campaigning for someone who I can not find support for. It would be a wasted effort on my part.

    Because of this, I have to look around and see what the choices are. There is only one choice that I see for me and that is Barbara Harrison. I’ve explained to Mr. Evans my reasons and thought he would respect my being honest.

    Even through all of Mr. Evans spelling errors in his earlier post, I understood his comments and think that Barbara will be extremely credible and will also be an excellent negotiator on her own.

    Barbara has attended most all of the town council meetings. Many times she and her husband were one of just a handful of Weddington residents who were attending the meetings. For whatever reason she was overlooked in the audience and many on the town council did not know her name or take the time to get to know her. She wanted to give her time to Weddington and volunteered for committees that were announced by the town council and she continued to be "overlooked" or ignored. Why? She has an impressive resume and obviously cares about her community or she wouldn’t be attending most all of those meetings.

    My take on it is there is a political reason why Mrs. Harrison was overlooked in that room. Because of this, she has found another way to make a difference in Weddington, and I have to say that running for Mayor is a better fit for her. I applaud her for realizing this and having the courage to put her hat in the ring.

    I’ve never been a political person up until I moved to Weddington and saw some of the shenanigans that were going on here and in Union County.

    Obviously I have more to say, but I’ll hold back for now. I’ll stay on the issues and hope that others will as well. Barabara has a website that she’ll be sharing in the near future. I’m very excited for her!

  17. Frank, my legal name is spelled Johnie, although very few outside my immediate family ever use it. Just plain John L. is my preference. I have observed that the focus is on the Mayor’s position but the main irritant seems to be Mr. Gilmartin. Out of curiosity I would like to have someone who actually lives in Weddington explain this to me. Would someone be so kind?

  18. Melissa

    I do understand why you are working so hard to remove me from the election. I understand why you take my general statements and apply them to Barbara. Why you toke my comments on Rea Road Extension to explain why you cannot support me.

    I understand why you cannot find anybody that supports me. Why people you speak with support Barbara and not me? What is funny, I cannot find anybody that supports Barbara other then you.

    I speak of creditable of the office of Mayor. You apply it to Barbara. I speak of private meetings and you apply it to Barbara

    You want me out the election only to enhance Barbara’s chance of winning. You are well aware, with me in, Barbara may lose. But you state I have no support. If that is true then why are you working so hard to convince me not to run and support Barbara. The reason is you know I will hurt her changes of winning and have a good change of being Mayor.

    You speak of honesty and that you have been honest with me. I believe, I have also been honest with you from the day we met.

    Sorry, Melissa, I am in the race for Mayor to Win.

    Ken Evans

  19. Well, Melissa, this election is shaping up to be very interesting and very expensive. I look forward to the race.

    Ken Evans

  20. Frank

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I agree, It is only June and a lot can and will happen between now and November. Yes, there will be some, maybe a lot of mud slinging in the campaign. However, I will not be joining in the mud slinging. I do not believe in it. I will campaign on the issues, not the personalities.

    If you or anyone else which to speak with me directly here is my e-mail address

    kenevans@windstream.net 704 846-2087

    Ken Evans

  21. Hey Mark D, why dont you do a post about the current situation in Indian Trail where the town manager arranged a coup yesterday with three of the council members and passed a law saying that it was illegal for him to speak to town staff, and he could not enter town hall unless accompanied by police?

    In the papers today, the town manager of indian trail said that she was tired of the mayor trying to uncover corruption among staff and decided she would shut him up for good.

    What kind of political system do we have in this state? It’s like bizarro world these days.


    Editors Note: Thanks for the suggestion. I put it on my list of topics to write about.

  22. Frank, no offence taken.

  23. Weddington Mayor – My perspective

    Barbara Harrison – she has my vote. Being a core group member of Friends of Weddington, I was able to see Barbara’s passion for our community. She was actively involved in the fight against private sewer plants in Weddington. She is a retired executive from Johnson and Johnson and she truly cares about her community. She is the best choice of all the candidates. I think she’ll do an excellent job for our charming town.

    Walker Davidson – I had never even heard of Mr. Davidson until he decided to run for Mayor. I’ve never seen him at any town coucil meetings and he had zero involvement in fighting for or against private sewer plants in Weddington. Where has he been on issues that our dear community has been facing over the years? Who is this man really? He doesn’t reveal much about himself and I’m guessing he’s half heartedly in this race. Why even bother? Ken Evans a friends of Weddington member, was running for Mayor and dropped out and then came along Walker Davidson to fill his place. Ken Evans previously announced he was running for Mayor and when he realized he didn’t have any support, instead of supporting one of his friends who he worked with on Friends of Weddington, he announced his support Walker Davidson.

    Hughie Sexton, a long time Weddington resident, he has done nothing really over the years except cause controversy and has shown that he can’t be trusted in politics. He has a record all right, but not one that impresses me. Having worked some beside Mr. Sexton on the private sewer plant issue before he quit Friends of Weddington, I was able to discern what type of man Hughie Sexton is. He can’t be trusted, he’s all about himself, he showed up to the Friends of Weddington meetings in hopes of getting political support.. the list goes on and on. Sexton QUIT friends of Weddington because he was upset over our attorney the group chose and that we didn’t pick the one he wanted. His childish behavior caused much tension within the group. Friends of Weddington battled hard against this issue and won, no thanks to Hughie Sexton.

    Mayor Nancy Anderson – without going into a lot of detail, it’s time for Mayor Nancy Anderson to end her term in office. Too many questions have come up about her conflicts of interest with her being a large land owner in Weddington, NC. She supports cutting through Rea Road Extension through the middle of our sleepy community and has pushed hard to get this road moved back up as a priority road in North Carolina. What stands out the most to me is when Weddington town council had their retreat in Pinehurst, NC last year. Nice little get away during the worst economic times on record. Also convenient that most Weddington residents would not be able to attend the meeting where she had the power to influence the council on issues, out of ear shot. She handed them an educational packed on private wastewater treatment plants and how “green” they are and good for the environment. This was right before she would announce that there could be no communication among members or the community on this issue since there would be a quasi-judicial hearing on the issue. She will tell everyone today that she was against private sewer treatment plants, but that is after she got caught and the community turned against her. Her involvement on Rea Road, her involvement in pushing to get The Woods developers a sweet deal, as well her being a large landowner in Weddington whose every move makes people question what she is getting out of it sums up that Nancy is really all about Nancy. She has a lot to gain but at what expense to Weddington? I’ve been objective about her being Mayor since I moved here, but time and time again her politics makes me very nervous and what she has to gain from it. For years she and her husband Andy Anderson have defended themselves on issues of potential gains from land deals, sewer etc.

    If you are considering Nancy Anderson versus Barbara Harrison – just know that Weddington needs a breath of fresh air and someone who really cares about the issues that Weddington residents are facing. She has attended the majority of town council meetings since she has moved to this area. You’ll get 100% out of Barbara Harrison if elected for Mayor.

  24. Polly,

    Last July 6th, I sent you an email indicating where you could find information concerning NC state law governing quasi-judicial hearings. Apparently you, Barbara Harrison, and other Friends of Weddington still don’t understand the process. Mayor Anderson and the town council followed the process dictated by NC law. Judges and juries can not take sides with the litigants in judicial or quasi-judicial cases. If you don’t believe me you can contact the Institute of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill.

    Barbara Harrison has not been involved in any capacity with any official or unofficial committee or study group since she moved here. She has not voted in any Union County NC municipal election since she moved here. She did not register to vote until 2008. She has not attended one UCNCGOP executive council meeting since she assumed the office of 41st precinct Chairperson which is one of the duties of that office. Nor has she ensured that the vice chairman or secretary attend in her place. Her support for or against what you call the Rea Road extension depends upon the individual with whom she is speaking. Sometimes she is for it and sometimes she is against it.

    What land deals? Come on, name them! There aren’t any and never have been. I have been defending myself and my wife from spurious claims made by you and others of your ilk who continually make up stories concerning personal gains. She never made any “sweetheart” deal with the Woods or any other developer.

  25. The land deals and the rumors are always circulating around Weddington. I’m sorry that you are in the unfortunate position to benefit financially from any sale of your large land holdings, but the questions always arise as to what decisions the Mayor is making and how she is going to benefit her financially. I’m just saying this is something that you have to continually fight while she is in office. I personally don’t want to question every step the Mayor makes, nor do I try, but I do think its time for Barbara Harrison to step in and bring this town back to some sense of order.

    I’ve not been a part of any rumors nor do I want to , regarding the Mayor. I’m just saying what continues to circulate around Weddington, is the same old song and dance.

    Another thing, is WHY did you feel it was necessary to educate me on quasi-judicial hearings – you are the Mayor’s husband. Don’t you think that would be a huge conflict? At the time, I shook my head as to how bold you were trying to get involved in contacting me prior to the hearings. Am I correct in that the Mayor, the council members nor her relatives should be discussing this matter with anyone? Could potential taint the process I would think.

    As you know I’m very opposed to Rea Road and I know a lot of candidates are supporting Rea Road extension. Why does the mayor feel this road is so necessary that she’ll sacrifice our small town to see a four lane extension cut through? Won’t the widening of Providence Road relieve enough of that traffic?

    Barbara Harrison doesn’t have anything to gain from running for Mayor except the honor that she would have as diligently serving our community in the interest of all Weddington residents.

  26. WOW…It looks like we have another attack dog on the block….the only different is she wares a dress. Ms. Harrison appears to be just another Hughie Sexton. she attends town meetings but does not have time to vote in town elections!!! She assumes posts in the party but then again does not attend the meetings the post requires. If she is elected, what important meetings, will she not attend. MUMPO? Is this the great leadership Weddington wants and needs. I think not.

  27. Polly,

    As you recall, I did not talk about the facts of the case or the merits as expressed by either side. The only thing I discussed was where you could find information regarding the process and procedure. It is quite appropriate to talk about that. Nancy had written an article that was printed in the papers giving that same information, however, too many people did not appear to accept it as the truth. At the time, the procedures had not been codified, but could be found in case law and in a pamphlet prepared by the Institute of Government. Because of the many demands from your group that the Town of Weddington not give the Woods a hearing, I felt it necessary to contact someone in the Friends of Weddington group who seemed reasonable and who might share that info with their fellow FoW’s.

    Under NC law, ANY property owner seeking a CUP/SUP will appear before a board in a public hearing using quasi-judicial procedural guidelines. Failure to do so would violate the property rights of the property owner and would result in an award damages in any subsequent lawsuit. Had the Mayor and the Town Council followed the wishes of your group the Town would have suffered a loss in court–it’s that simple.

    I don’t know where you got that ridiculous story about the “green” info packages, but that is B.S. just as are the rest of the stories spread by Hughie, Werner and Walter, et al.

    You have selected a strange choice of words in describing the size of her land ownership and the “unfortunate position” she is in. If you mean the 1/12th share amounting to approx 9 acres is “large” that would be true in Manhattan or Bermuda. The Hunter Farm, our residence, can be sold but not developed due to the conservation easement granted to The Catawba Land Conservancy. What is unfortunate are the homeowners who are underwater on their home mortgages or who cannot sell their homes but must move to another location for a job, or the Iowa farmers who must sell their land to satisfy Death Taxes, etc. Your tone is that of envy.

    Finally,by your reasoning, the most qualified person to hold office here is one who owns no land or home but instead rents or leases.

  28. Ken, apparently you believe everything you hear… Rumors rumors rumors. She voted last time in the elections in Union County, she has lived here 5 years. Don’t believe every lie you hear.

    Everyone seems to be afraid of Barbara Harrison and her outstanding 30 year business career, 16 years as an executive with a fortune 500 company. Outstanding support of Friends of Weddington monetarily and through fund raising efforts. Great record in leadership … she will be a wonderful mayor.

    Ken – people with bad intentions always seem to doubt those with good intentions. Isn’t it sad you could not support your friend Barbara and help make a positive change for our community?

    BARBARA HARRISON WILL BE A WONDERFUL ASSET to our public service community in Weddington.

  29. Mel O,

    Ken is correct. The public record at the county voter registration office indicates she did not register to vote in Union County until 2008. As a resident of the 41st Precinct in Union County, I have been the only voter to be present at the UCNCGOP monthly executive council meetings. None of the officers representing our precinct have been present. It is the responsibility of the chairperson to ensure that one of the officers be present if he/she cannot attend. Barbara Harrison has been negligent in her duties and responsibilities in that regard. Additionally, her only involvement in local government is to have attended town council meetings and take notes. “NUFF SAID!!

  30. CALLING all party affiliates! CALLING all …. if you would like a precinct chairperson to show up at some type of periodic meeting, you actually need to contact the person. Barbara Harrison has never once been contacted about any additional meetings for the Union County Republican Party, since she was elected to serve her precinct this past year. She provided all of her contact information when she was elected.

    If you need her address please let me know, and I will be glad to help you.

    BARBARA HARRISON has an extensive record of service. Instead of criticizing her why doesn’t your candidate run on their own record.

    Anyone that knows her well, knows that she is not afraid of sitting in meetings, She has attended almost every town council meeting in Weddington for the last 3 years.

  31. Why are you attending those meetings, when you hold no office? Sherry Loflin is an officer(secretary), and I know Barbara Harrison is an officer, but you sir do not hold an office this year for that precinct. Apparently the system is a little flawed if they can not inform the elected officers.

    I think we will contact the Union County Republican Party and see what is wrong with their notification system.

  32. Hey Mel O,

    You are as unengaged and as uninformed as B. Harrison. For your information, anyone can attend an executive council meeting. The Executive Council meetings are not additional special meetings, they are scheduled monthly meetings as they have been for many, many years. Any registered party member may vote for his precinct if the elected officers are not present. Janice Propst and Sherry Loflin have lived here their whole lives and they know what their duties and responsibilities are. Sherry’s husband is a former county commissioner and he knows where the meetings are held, so don’t give me that garbage about not knowing when, where or how one is to discharge their duties. Is Barbara so helpless that she can’t figure this simple matter out? Ask Janice or Sherry, they know. Barbara has been AWOL for eight months. If she is so engaged in local issues, why did it take her 3 years to register to vote? 2005,2006,2007 were election years. Did she just sit at home? How many committees or citizen advisory groups in Weddington did she volunteer to be engaged in? The answer is ZERO. Why did she not understand the simple concept of SUP/CUP procedures? She is what one could call an empty pants suit. Thanks for your kind words–just please educate yourself on matters before you offer advice and criticism to others my friend. “Nuff Said!!

  33. Sally,

    The meetings from which B. Harrison and her fellow officers of the 41st precinct have been absent are regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Lib Propst and Clayton Loflin are former chairpersons of this precinct. Janice Propst, I assume, talks her mother and Sherry talks to her husband. Barbara could find out what her responsibilities are if she really wanted to. The appearance is that Barbara is merely one more interested in padding her resume.

  34. Mr. Anderson,

    BS you say? I and others reviewed public minutes of the Weddington retreat in Pinehurst, NC – the Mayor handed a packet of information to the council members regarding purple pipe, reclaimed/treated wastewater etc. This got into their hands for a reason… education. How timely that it was put before them right before a quasi-judicial hearing would be announced and council members were advised not to discuss the process and remain impartial on the issue. I read about the purple pipe packet she gave council members in the minutes, I have a copy of the minutes and I VERIFIED it with a Town of Weddington employee. Just to refresh everyone’s memory The Woods development was desperate to get sewer for their property so that they could develop it. They were turned down by Union County for sewer. The Woods developers/ IB Development were questioned by the FBI due to the Union County sewer debacle. They then came to Weddington asking for a private sewer plant for their neighborhood, where they would spray treated wastewater on their land. There is nothing GREEN about dirty politics!

    Mr. Anderson, I never brought it to the public’s attention that you contacted someone on the FOW team via phone and email and that you tried to educate them on the process of a quasi-judicial hearing. I’m surprised you are bold enough to announce it here publicly. I won’t go into the other comments that you made over the phone, but you clearly were out of line. Because this person didn’t know you personally, they chose not to hand over the quasi-judicial emails that you suggested they share with the FOW attorney. Our attorney did not need to be educated on the matter. If anything, the hearings dragged on much longer than they needed to costing Friends of Weddington thousands of dollars. The hearings were beyond disorganized. If anyone needed to be educated on the process of how to conduct a hearing it was the town council and attorney Anthony Fox. I do appreciate the town council’s decision in the end, but if it weren’t for the Friends of Weddington’s grassroots efforts on this matter, it would have had a different outcome.

    It’s funny that some are taking credit for fighting private sewer plants in Weddington…. and yet they NEVER thanked Friends of Weddington, even privately, for all the work we put into trying to protect our community.

    I’ve heard that Mayor Anderson told a few FOW members in a meeting with her that the private wastewater treatment plant was never going to be approved and that they wasted their money hiring an attorney. Really?! How do you think that made this grassroots group feel that fought so hard for their community… a community that gave them support and money to fight this.

    Sounds like sour strawberries to me!

  35. Wow.. lots of good information on the Scribe!

    I went to http://www.townofweddington.com to check the minutes for the last couple years for Weddington Town Council and conveniently they have a new site that does not share the old minutes from the retreat at Pinehurst, right before the quasi judicial process for The Woods.

    Maybe we can go to the town today and make a request to see those minutes. I think the town offices are open on Fridays.

  36. Mr. Anderson, Lib Propst was never a Chairperson. Get your facts correct or shut up.

  37. AS a former chairman of the Republican party in Union County, I would like to set something straight. Since 2001, all registered republicans have been welcomed at party meetings. Precinct officers amy miss three consecutive meetings before they may be replaced. Meeting have been held the first thursday of each month (with exceptions announced on the Union County GOP website). 7pm, in open places, currently “The Bears Lair” restaurant across from SVHS. Precinct chairmen or their designated representatives may vote on any issue that comes up at a meeting. To those of you who are registered Republicans, please join our next meeting on nov. 5th!

  38. :smile: Thank you John for the clarification. I will inform the precinct officers that there is a meeting the first Thursday of each month at the restaurant named above, 7:00 PM. I will also see if we can get some additional attendees from our precinct to join in the fun.

    Thank you for sharing the location information with us.

  39. Provided is a portion of the minutes from Weddington’s retreat to Pinehurst, NC in February 29, 2008:

    B. Scope of Rea Road Project. The draft TIP was provided to the Town Council. Mr. Hancock advised
    that the TIP will be considered for approval in a couple of months.

    • In FY 2011 – $300,000 for Section A of Rea Road
    • In FY 2012 – $113,000 for Mitigation of Rea Road
    • In FY 2013 – $2,000,000 Construction for Section A of Rea Road
    • Rea Road would help alleviate congestion at the intersection of Highway 16 and 84.
    • NCDOT’s participation is contingent upon the developer of The Woods Subdivision setting aside the right of way and constructing part of the road.
    • Rea Road is #92 on the 2030 Horizon Plan.
    • Councilmember Tommy Price advised that he did not want Rea Road constructed until it goes all the way to Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road and is done as one project. The Council discussed
    whether that is a realistic request. There is no funding for B and C for the Rea Road Project.
    • Council discussed if Rea Road was done now if the widening and design of Highway 16 and 84
    could be revisited by NCDOT.
    • Mr. Hancock advised that the contracts have already been let for the widening of Highway 16 and 84 and any revisions would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. He advised that minor
    changes could possibly be incorporated but reduction in lanes could not.
    • The developers of The Woods subdivision are at a standstill. They are waiting for approval from Union County Public Works on a pump station to be able to proceed with their development.
    • The developers have set aside the right of way for Rea Road on their plat.
    • Mayor Pro Tem Robert Gilmartin advised that he did not believe at this time that the developers
    will help build Rea Road due to the time and money that has been spent so far on The Woods
    • NCDOT is proposing to build approximately 1,000 feet of the Rea Road Extension and only two lanes at this time.
    • Mayor Pro Tem Gilmartin felt that the Town Council should not underestimate the relief that the widening of Highway 16 and 84 will provide.
    • Councilmember Price expressed concern that the developer was proposing to do approximately
    10 – 15% of the road, NCDOT 20% of the road and who would do the other 60% to 70%?
    • Highway 16 and 84 could possibly be reduced by one lane if Rea Road Extension was built today.
    -Town Administrator/Planner Mary Jo Gollnitz advised that the Town received two Conditional Use Permits from the developers of The Woods today. Ms. Gollnitz advised that she will review the requests to determine if they can move forward with their applications.

    A. Reclaimed Water. The Board received the following:

    • Union Update Article: Purple Pipe Resolution Approved
    • UNC School of Public Health Article: Reclaiming our Water
    • Town of Cary, North Carolina – Reclaimed Water System
    • Town of Cary – Questions and Answers Related to the Reclaimed Water Program

    (END) Copy of minutes obtained from the town’s website which is public knowledge.

    As you can see the town planner is advising the council that she has received TWO CUP requests from The Woods developers and it is still yet to be determined if they can move forward with the application. At the end o the minutes provided, the Mayor hands out a PREPARED PACKET on the benefits of treated wastewater to the community. One can see how she is pushing to get Rea Road extension through by using The Woods developers to help pave a portion of the road. Could it be that she is trying to “educate” the council on treated wastewater, as she knows that it will be a quasi-judicial hearing where they must remain impartial and cannot discuss the matter before the hearing? What a HUGE coincidence! Remember the two CUP requests were given to the council BEFORE Union County turned them down on the pump station. It’s my opinion, they knew this was going to happen, had a back up plan request to ask Weddington for a private wastewater treatment plant, and then conveniently the Mayor PLANTS these packets into the councils hands before it turns quasi-judicial and on the day the receive two new CUP requests from The Woods This is when I lost complete TRUST in our Mayor. And once again she has helped move Rea Road up to the top of the list on priority roads in our area. Why? The town was very vocal in being against this road, but yet she somehow gets it back to the top of the list. Another rumor was circulating on what she had to gain financially from all of this. One can only guess, but her actions certainly make me wonder many things about how she is running our town.

    Like many of you, I moved here wanting what most everyone else that lives here wants.. a place of serenity, a place to raise your family and to get away from hustle and bustle and busy highways of Charlotte. I certainly didn’t think I would be facing a private wastewater treatment plant at the backside of our neighborhood or a huge four-lane road that would cut through our small charming town and completely change the atmosphere like it did the Piper Glenn area. Look at Blakeney. All that shopping came in thanks to Rea Road. What is a Rea Road extension going to do for Weddington except to be an eyesore and be a big pass through? I feel Rea Road needs to come to an end and that is at Providence Road.

    It seems the Mayor is using moving up Rea Road extension to the top of the priority list of roads, one of her major accomplishments during her six-year run as Mayor. She also refers to how she helped save Weddington recently by getting the NCDOT to improve some of the roads and access around Weddington. I mentioned to the Mayor last year that the plans of the four-lane roads, the lane access into the shopping center and the expansion of Hwy 84 was a nightmare. I asked her why did the town have NO input on the roads leaving us with a concrete jungle and no proper turn lanes into our only shopping center. Her comment was “I tried to tell them in Raleigh, but I was told to sit down and be quiet.” So, did she really SAVE Weddington with the roads recently, or did she FIX the situation conveniently right before the election and use it as a major accomplishment to add to her list? Again… convenient timing on the road issues.

  40. Mr. Anderson you are really quite rude, considering you are the husband of the current mayor of Weddington. Is this your normal behavior with your fellow Republicans constituents? Or just behavior toward people that are running against your wife? You should really be embarrassed.

    I am not uninformed,that is why I support someone other than your wife for mayor of Weddington. We got your wife’s mailer yesterday, and could not believe the only thing she could share with her constituents after 6 years as mayor is a last ditch effort to help the dying Weddington Corners Shopping Center. Is this her one accomplishment in 6 years? She should of helped Weddington Corners while she was a part of the process as the town transportation rep. I understand Hwy 16 has been a road project on the books with DOT for years, and discussed regularly with the current mayor and town council. The merchants at Weddington Corners asked for help long before now, and wow, right at election time DOT rescues the council.

    I will be glad to inform new (Union County Republican residents) that there are scheduled monthly meetings “as they have been for many, many years”. See, many people in the 41st precinct are new to Union County (growing area) and they are not aware of the standard Union County procedures in the Republican party. Thank you for being so cordial in inviting new residents to your meetings.

    Location: Bear’s Lair in Sun Valley,
    Time: 7PM Date: 1st Thursday of the month.
    I will share this with your Weddington Republican neighbors. Thank you.

  41. Precinct 41 resident: the party’s website is ucncgop.com

  42. Thank you John I appreciate your help. The Bear’s Lair is in which shopping center across from Sun Valley school? We do not get to that area often and I think there is a new shopping center on the diagonal corner, (McDonald’s and a pizza place out front on Monroe Road).

    Thank you again.

  43. My New Friend Mel,

    I am never embarrassed to point out the failures of my reps to fulfill their duties in representing me. When someone lists an office that they hold as one of the pluses on his/her resume and I know that they have been remiss in filling any of the required duties, should I remain silent? Please be my guest at the next UCNCGOP meeting and would you please plead this argument of yours to the assembled group? When a candidate claims to be so involved in the community, why have they not voted in any of the municipal elections in the past five years? Why did it take until 2008 to even register to vote? Why has this concerned citizen not volunteered to be included in any of the Town’s advisory panels?

    You show no knowledge of NCDOT road construction funding and process. You are not alone even among those people who are NC born and bred. The state builds the roads in NC, not counties or towns. Control of this process, until recently, was tightly controlled by the office in Raleigh. Now that regional offices have been granted more authority to plan and prioritize projects in their districts, projects in our county and town have a greater chance of being completed. Before, our directors knew what needed to be done, but could do little about it because of central planning in Raleigh. Of course you knew all this and that is why you are heaping such faint praise on Mayor Anderson.

    Your excuse for not knowing about any party organization is so lame it doesn’t even deserve a response. Of course if you are an Independent, then I understand your lack of knowledge or interest in such matters. I respect those who choose to be independent of any partisan affiliation especially over the direction of the two major parties in the last dozen years or so.

  44. Mr. Anderson, the person whom you are referring to has filled out applications to volunteer for several committees that the Weddington town council has made public, including Parks and Rec.
    Her application went ignored, while others with less qualifications were hand picked and placed on committees, even though it went completely AGAINST rules that were set forth for that committee. From my understanding committee members are supposed to be appointed or recommended by a council member from their district. I have it on good authority that it did not happen in this way. At first the council was going to pick members for the committee and then it got changed to council members appointing members from their district. In the end it simply did not happen this way and once again the process got politically tainted.

    I think its time that you STOP making comments on the issues, as you know ABSOLUTELY nothing from which you speak. I’m guessing the Mayor doesn’t share these specifics with you… maybe that’s for the best… since you are her husband. I actually can’t believe she is letting you comment here. You keep digging a hole for yourself and for Nancy, and each time you bring something up like this, others can pull out concrete examples as to why the Mayor and her political maneuvering can’t be trusted.

    The examples given over the past few weeks aren’t just pulled out of nowhere. They are the truthful and factual.

    Nancy seems to concentrate so much on the road issues and somehow lands up in controversy when the roads come close in proximity to areas in which she can make a profit, such as Hunter Farms or her other tracts of land that could benefit from a pump station or a development which would let her tap into a private wastewater treatment plant, so that it could be sold for a higher dollar amount.

    Again, whether she can benefit or not from the political maneuvering she does around our town, I don’t want to have to second-guess our Mayor on every move she makes. She has failed to recuse herself on a couple of issues when there was an obvious conflict of interest.

    The recent road changes in which Nancy is taking credit for are coming at a convenient time during her run for re-election for Mayor. It was during her terms in office that she should have given input to NCDOT on how roads widenings and their access would impact our town and our one and only shopping center. It’s because of her and the town’s complacency that we were put into the position of having NCDOT come up with their own road plan for the widening of Providence road and Hwy 84. Because the town gave no input, we were put into the position of having a poor plan on the road changes coming to our community. But in the last two weeks, after the Mayor stated nothing could be done about it, we see a huge article in the paper that Christmas has come to Weddington and the DOT is now going to fix some of the problems with the road construction and access. I have read the reason why the NCDOT has decided to adjust the plans, but I didn’t just fall off the strawberry truck yesterday….. roads and politics go hand and hand. The timing is questionable and again… convenient for Farmer Mayor Nancy Anderson.

    Again, Anderson appears to be consumed with getting the Rea Road extension approved by whatever means necessary. Why? She claims that it would alleviate traffic around Weddington, but won’t the new widening of Providence Road and 84 be enough to correct the traffic problems we are facing? Why does she seem so bent on plowing through another four lane extension road through our SMALL town? Is it possible that other nearby towns or county crownies are counting on her to get this road through so that they can benefit financially with the commerical properties they own down near the Monroe airport. This is the constant rumor we hear circulating from many around Weddington.

    Fortunately Weddington residents have paid attention to these her political maneuverings over the years and have been able to stop things in their tracks that could financially benefit the Mayor and be a detriment to our community. Examples such as the private wastewater treatment plants and the proposed connector road across from her farm, only to name a few. Each time she has stated that she would not benefit from this or that but one has to wonder when it comes so close to her doorstep. :roll:

    Elect Barbara Harrison November 3 for Weddington Mayor and watch a much needed and positive change come back to Weddington!

  45. :smile: Mr. Anderson “going off” on Mel is humorous! So these are mandatory meetings? I would of thought that the party would be more organized than that, and inform new people that want to participate in the process. Again, I have to say your genuine ability to just wrap your arms around your new neighbors is just so hospitable. We will remember your kindness in the future. Especially when we tell people where to buy their pumpkins, strawberries and Christmas trees. I can not wait to meet you Thursday night. It will be my pleasure to shake your hand.

    I would think your concern would focus on the more prevalent matter that Polly brought up. Did you read her copy of the Town of Weddington minutes above? Remember earlier in the week you told Polly it was “BS” about your wife actually informing the council at the Pinehurst retreat about how “green” these reclaimed private waste water treatment plants are. Hmmm. This information packet was handed out in February and I believe right after that, no, at the same retreat, the town planner had a Conditional Use permit to build a private sewer plant in Weddington. Coincidence.

    Do you think Weddington citizens should be upset that they used their families personal finances to fund efforts against a private sewer plant that was against our own land use plan? Should the 1200 people that gave up their monies and time be upset that the town officials are now taking the glory for the private plant defeat in their political campaigns? Neighborhoods spent hours working to show the town officials this was not something the citizens wanted and I do not believe anyone got a thank you for the citizen effort.

    Have a wonderful election day. May the best candidates in all Union County races be successful.

  46. Mr. Anderson “I am never embarrassed to point out the failures of my reps to fulfill their duties in representing me. When someone lists an office that they hold as one of the pluses on his/her resume and I know that they have been remiss in filling any of the required duties, should I remain silent?”

    I think you should be careful how your own words can and will be used against you, or those you love.

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