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View video of Tea Party Speakers. It is in ten parts due the ten minute limitation per video by YouTube.

Part 1 Speaker: John Quinn (Mayor of Indian Trail)
Part 2 Speaker: John Quinn (Mayor of Indian Trail)

Part 3 Speaker: John Quinn, David Waddell
Part 4 Speaker: David Waddell, Dr. BJ Lawson

Part 5 Speaker: Dr. BJ Lawson
Part 6 Speaker: Dr. Mike Munger (Keynote Speaker)

Part 7 Speaker: Dr. Mike Munger (Keynote Speaker)
Part 8 Speaker: President Andrew Jackson (Played by Christian Greve)

Part 9 Speaker: Matthew Ridenhour
Part 10 Speaker: Rev. Al Lewis

Note: With apologies, due to tape limitations, speakers Becki Gray & Reid Phifer were not recorded.

The Union County Tea Party was organized by Jack Oldham, Donna Shaver & Terry Glesias. Robert Allen managed the sound & music system.

This was a local event, like the April 15th Tea Party and Sue Myrick’s Town Hall, that was important to attend, if for no other reason than to show the politicians, that people care about their country and are watching diligently.

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  12 Responses to “Union County Tea Party in Photos & Video”

  1. Scribe,

    I wonder if that whining Yankee who called us a bunch of country bumpkins at Sue’s Town Hall meeting last night will be there? I doubt it. He seemed like a little “girlie boy.”

  2. Pierre; I recieved this wonderful letter from
    (Remember we are the astroturf of organized opposition)

    Tips adapted from “Responding to RightWing
    Attacks in the Field,”
    Health Care for America Now, 8/4/09.
    Getting Our Message Out This August
    The majority of Americans are with us on the need to address the crises our country is facing.
    Unfortunately, a vocal minority has been attempting to hijack and disrupt town hall meetings
    between representatives of Congress and their constituents.
    That’s why constituents like us need to show up, make our points clearly and calmly, and be
    counted among the majority of Americans who are standing up for change.
    When you go to an event, be sure to stay grounded in your message and goals. Don’t react
    or allow yourself to be thrown off. Responding to disrupters allows them to frame the issue.
    Stay calm, and stick to your core message.
    Here are some key tips to help you be prepared for an event:
    • Bring more people than the other side has. Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! It should be
    obvious to everyone—including press—that you represent the majority. This is crucial.
    Ask your friends and family to come with you!
    • Arrive early—two hours ahead if you can—and claim the best spots for visibility and
    signs. Get familiar with the venue beforehand, and make a staging plan.
    • Ask questions and make comments early in the event. The first few question?askers
    set the tone for the whole event—so don’t be shy! Be proactive about getting in line to
    • Be visible. Bring signs and leaflets, and whenever possible, post your signs all over the
    place so that you stand out. Encourage others to hold signs in every place where a TV
    camera is likely to be so that next to every right?wing sign, there’s one of your signs with
    your message.
    • Stay calm and avoid confrontation. Avoid feeding into the hostile atmosphere that
    right?wing disrupters are attempting to create. Stay cool and calm even if the room
    becomes tense or confrontational, be respectful, and remember to speak from your heart
    about these issues.
    • Be on the lookout
    for reporters. Check with your local MoveOn Council to see if
    there’s a media coordinator at the event—and direct any reporters towards that person.
    If you end up talking to a reporter, and they ask questions that focus on right?wing
    disruptions, don’t take the bait—bridge to talk about the issues!
    Above all, stick to your prepared message and don’t be reactive to attempted disruptions.
    Our job is to make sure the issues are the story. When the story is about the issues, we win.
    And remember: This orchestrated right?wing turnout is only happening because we are
    moving toward historic progressive changes. We stand for the mainstream, majority position.
    Let’s keep moving forward to solve the problems of our time!
    If you have questions, email for support.

    I have no clue why they sent it to me!

    • Senior Pork Grandus,
      I was amazed by the number of plants in the crowd and how that episode was staged so their photographer got the pictures of the Deputies having a pleasant chat with him. Kudos to Sheriff Cathey for have plenty of officers on hand to handle the SEUI wackos sent to disrupt the town-hall.


      I’d venture that someone turned you into the Obama snitch on friends website and your email was added to the spam database the White House leaked to cronies.

  3. For the eighth district: Larry Kissell is at the Baptist church in Wadesboro friday night. An abortion supporter at a Baptist Church, mmm, seems like a recipe for disaster!

  4. Hey Pierre,

    I wonder if you had a chance to compare the moveOn instructions to lefties with the Freedom Watch instructions to rightwingers. Only difference is the volume level goals of each wing.


  5. Scribe and John,

    “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”–Thomas Jefferson in a letter to James Madison.

    I’ve noticed that on C-SPAN, YouTube, and various TV news programs, the only massed produced, professionally made signs are those backing Obamacare. Some of those people were shown arriving on buses and wearing shirts with ACORN or logos. Of course this does not mean that all supporters of gov health care are members of those organizations, nor does it mean that those in opposition are not members of some anti-gov health care group. What it does indicate to me is that the “astroturf” comes more from pro gov side and that the real grass roots rebellion on the side that opposes the gov plan.

    But of course, Le Cochon will attend the Union County Tea Party. I will arrive not on a bus but by my own conveyance carrying a sign of my own design and making. I am a Christian who is: pro life, pro gun, a war vet and a member of the VFW,NRA, and the American Legion. I reckon these make me a potential domestic terrorist according to Home Land Security and BHO; however, our “rebellion” will be at the ballot box and not with violence.

    Pierre the Patriot.

  6. Monsieur Dogg,

    Pierre doesn’t need a blog site to inform me as to how I should behave or the Q’s I should ask. Leaving that aside, I’m sure advocacy groups of all stripes attempt to advise their followers on such matters.

    Taking your cue, I shall inquire of Freedom Watch as to the nature of their instructions for the purpose of comparison only. My involvement in Tea Parties is as an individual, not as a groupie. :razz:

  7. Monsieur Dogg,

    I looked at the Freedom Watch web sites(yes, there are more than one)but could not find any instructions to the faithful. This is not to preclude the possibility that ones exist, but merely that I could not find any. Perhaps the guidance is provided in mailings or emails to those who subscribe to their web site. Just a thought. Since you raised the issue, perhaps you could point me to your source so that I might make a side by side comparison with that provided by John Barker. As you might guess, I am not fond of unsubstantiated claims–reference my insistence that Raines provide proof of his claims, which I might add, he could not. :lol:

    Pierre the Truth Finder ;-)

  8. Why no coverage in the EJ?

  9. john l barker,

    Surely that is a rhetorical question.

    Pierre the Disbeliever

  10. Pierre, surely you don’t think they are leftist. Do you?

  11. john l barker,

    Let me check my magic eight ball. Shazaam–It says the E-J is leftist, so it must be.

    Pierre The Believer :lol: :lol:

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