Mar 102010

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CHS Full-Page Advertisement Debunked

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The paid full page advertisement, above by Carolinas Healthcare Systems placed in the Sunday Enquirer Journal and Charlotte Observer. The comments and notes attached are based in documented fact.

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  13 Responses to “CHS Full Page Advertisement on the Waxhaw ED — UNSPUN”

  1. Mark D,

    Since you have disabled comments on Kim Rogers’ “open letter”, probably because you know her statements are indefensible, I had to post this here.

    When she said:

    “You elected me because you know I look at the facts, because you know I have acquired great business acumen”

    I just had to stop and laugh. That is a statement of unbelievable hubris and arrogance. Even Bill Gates has the good taste to avoid saying something that self aggrandizing.

    Open comments on her post so people can reply to her accusations. Otherwise that is nothing but propaganda.

    Didn’t you work as a volunteer on her election campaign, btw?

  2. Thank you Mark and Kim for setting the record straight and pointing out the facts. I appreciate your attention to detail and presenting the story behind the story. We do not need a big company to bully Union County and use scare tactics for their business gain. Based on everything I’ve seen and read, I’ve lost any respect for Carolinas Health Care as an organization.

    We all want to deliver the best possible health care – but want to make sure that we have an equitable arrangement and that the taxpayers of Union County aren’t being taken advantage of.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Raines,

    You said, “Since you have disabled comments on Kim Rogers’ “open letter”, probably because you know her statements are indefensible, I had to post this here.”

    OK what did she say that is indefensible? Everything Kim said about CHS is fact. So if you want a discussion then I’ll need a little more.

    Concerning your comment that I worked as a volunteer. Yes I did. I supported Kim Rogers in 2004, 2008 and I will work for her in 2012. She’s honest, ethical and unlike most of her predecessors she is doing the job without feathering her nest and the nests of the developer special interests.

    Raines you enjoy life here as a fact challenged cynic and occasionally you stumble on to a perspective the that surprises me, this however wasn’t one of those times. You are correct, Bill Gates stopped self aggrandizing after the first billion or he got married – can’t remember which occurred first, Steve Jobs, however will never stop.

  4. Beware of the almighty glossy. We have received yet another expensive campaign glossy in the mail from the righteous Mr. Conservative Tommy Tucker AND, with the same permit number, Mr. Todd Johnson. The money these so-called conservatives are spending would make any special interest, campaign-investing, developer blush. Remember Allan Baucom’s $100k campaign bill for a position that pays $8k/year plus travel expenses? Mr. Tucker is reverting to his emotional pseudo-Christian thang that he did years ago. Mr. Johnson blabs about his Christian values, too, which frankly, as a voter, is a complete turn-off to me. If Christ knew his name was being used for political gain he’d roll over in his grave.

  5. Robbie Lee,

    Sorry, the grave is empty or haven’t you heard.

    The Pig

  6. Why doesn’t Presbyterian (Novant Health) just go ahead and build an ER on providence road, next to the empty shell of the CMC?

    Western Union County has exactly zero emergency care facilities, even though it is the most populous region in the county. It is also the most wealthy part of the county. Why can’t we get decent medical care here?

  7. Mr. Raines. two items: one, you need a state liscense to build an er and that belongs to the county and two, you have often stated you do not live here so why would you care?

  8. Barker,

    Are you saying that CMC has been given a monopoly over all emergency health care in Union County, and thus no competitors will be allowed? You imply that only one hospital can operate in each county. Then why do Presbyterian and CMC both operate in mecklenburg county? This embarrassing situation looks like nothing more than a failing of local government officials, in a desperate attempt to dig the county out of a financial Sarlacc pit.

    The current voting majority of commissioners ran on a platform of no growth, and now they’ve got their wish. They just didn’t bother to think far enough ahead to realize that also means NO TAX REVENUE.

    No wonder health care in union county is pathetic. My father told me if he ever had a heart attack to promise that I would take him anywhere OTHER than CMC-Union in monroe. He no longer lives there, but the point remains.

    And as far as your question of not living in western union county, I still have plenty of relatives and friends who do. And I care about their health. But hey, according to your utter lack of morals I shouldn’t care at ALL about anyone living in western union county because I don’t live there myself. Yes, according to you, the only logical viewpoint would be to let everyone in that area die in the streets. Because morality is clearly limited to the exact county line a person lives near. But not one step farther.

  9. Mark

    You need to be better informed about the subject you are debating. For my friend, based upon your comments, it is apparent you are totally uninformed about the process to establish a hospital or ER in any county…You blame the BOC, which only shows, your total lack of knowledge on the subject.

    I stongly suggest you look up on the state web pages the requirements and stop running your mouth concerning a subject you know nothing about.

  10. MR.Raines: you always get so much wrong. The current majority of commissioners did not run on a platform of no growth. You made that up. They ran on a platform of moderate growth, managed growth through appropriate zoning, commercial development,etc. And they do think ahead way more than you will ever know or can conceptualize. Try to keep this straight, OK, little fella.

  11. Who defines “moderate” ? Who defines what is “appropriate” ?

    As of right now, there is no growth at all. I know you are not native to this area, so you still have the standard impulse of newcomers to try and teach us uneducated rednecks how we should live our lives. Your comment that that your pals in the county commissioners seats can think ahead more than I could ever “know or conceptualize” typifies the contempt you hold for people who were born and raised here. Elected officials always know what is best. The rest of us should just sit down and shut up like obedient peasants, right?

    I’m afraid we don’t really care to help you recreate the depressing suburbs that you fled from in the first place.

    It’s no secret that you campaigned for Kim, Tracy, and Lanny. It is hardly surprising that you would be defending their actions here.

    They ran on a platform of moderate growth, managed growth through appropriate zoning, commercial development,etc. And they do think ahead way more than you will ever know or can conceptualize. Try to keep this straight, OK, little fella.

  12. mr,raines, I suffered a congestive heart failure last sunday and have spent the last four days in our hospital. Years ago I might have agreed with your father, but this week I have to say I recieved excellent care there. Your father lives a long way from here and has been gone a long time. I could list all the aclametions the hospital has recieved in the last few years, but experience has shown me you are not interested in facts ,only your own unfounded opinion!

  13. Again, Mr.Raines, you’ve got it mostly wrong. Just because I state that you make things up as you go, does not mean in any way that I disrepect or have contempt for, as you say,the people down here. How does your twisted mind get from one thing to another? Please explain. As far as recreating the depressed suburbs, that is exactly what you want. And it is only depressing from our point of view – for our kids? They love it and that would be the main reason that most of us live in subdivisions. I personally would be somewhere out in the woods but your contempt for those who have moved here prevents you from seeing that.

    I defend the three commissioners because they are right in nearly every way. I would not defend somebody just because I campaigned for them. I campaigned for others in the past and never thought they did a particularly good job. My ego would not prevent from admitting I was wrong, but as far as these three commssioners are concerned I have never felt as proud about elected people as I do about them. Particularly in regard to the hospital and emergency department where I had my doubts about their position, but the more I read about the situation and talked with them and others, the more I am convinced they are doing the right thing. If only we could find more people to run for commissioner who have their drive, determination, intelligence and moral fiber.

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