Mar 092011

Mayor Anderson supports higher taxes… again
by Walker Davidson

During last year’s Weddington budget meeting I asked the Weddington Town Council to reduce the tax rate for the upcoming year. Councilmen Dan Barry and Werner Thomisser voted for a motion to reduce the Weddington tax rate. However, the motion failed because Mayor Nancy Anderson voted against the motion.

A few weeks ago it became apparent that County Commissioners Jonathan Thomas, Todd Johnson, and Jerry Simpson were going to stop the 2012 county property revaluation.

I support the 2012 revaluation because the county’s property assessments are significantly different from current market valuations. Accurate property assessments by the county are essential to an equitable county tax system.

I asked the Weddington Town Council to send the county a resolution in support of the 2012 revaluation. The motion failed in a 2-2 tie. Councilmen Dan Barry and Werner Thomisser voted in favor of the motion.

While Mayor Anderson was out of town for that particular meeting, she never showed any public interest in supporting the 2012 revaluation.

On Monday night County Commissioners Thomas, Johnson, and Simpson voted to stop the 2012 revaluation. How will this action affect Weddington taxpayers? The county assessed value of taxable Weddington real estate is $1.95 billion. However, recent real estate sales data suggests that the market value of taxable Weddington real estate is only $1.65 billion.

The revaluation would have raised the county tax rate by 8-cents to remain revenue neutral. Despite the 8-cent tax rate increase Weddington taxpayers would have reduced their total county tax bill by $600,000 per year had the 2012 revaluation taken place.

Mayor Anderson strongly supported Thomas, Johnson, and Simpson in the 2010 Republican primary for the Board of County Commissioners.

Mayor Anderson and I both agree that elections have consequences. The Weddington taxpayer continues to suffer the consequences of her decisions.

Walker Davidson


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