Oct 172011

Weddington’s Municipal Fire District Resolution

I am very pleased with the strong wording of Weddington’s Municipal Fire District Resolution. It is my hope that the Union County Board of Commissars will endorse the resolution at their November 7th meeting.

Weddington has taken a historic step forward in providing a realistic fire and medical service for its citizens. It is my understanding, a Municipal fire district, has never been created in the state of North Carolina, this is a first. By this action, Weddington will become the model for all other townships who desire to provide the same emergency services within there communities.

We will now enjoy local control of our emergency services and the tax rate. Some of Weddington’s citizens pay a fire tax and some a fire fee. The new fire tax will be equable for all of our residence. We will no longer pay a fire tax/fee and then have some of our property taxes dollars used to augment emergency services. Or in other words, No double taxation.

Weddington will be in a position to redraw the emergency service lines. This will enhance response times, where as, the closes fire station will now respond. This is not the case today. The Providence Volunteer Fire Department, at the present time, is under utilized. By the council’s action, this very valuable asset will now be fully utilized.

Providence VFD provides 24/7 service and will now be in a position to offer this vital coverage to the vast major of Weddington citizens.

When, I am elected to the Weddington Town Council, I will work very hard to insure that we have the best trained emergency personnel with the best equipment. I will also do this at lowest possible cost to the tax payers of Weddington.

Again, I would like to thank the Weddington Town Council for their bold action.

Ken Evans
Candidate – Weddington Town Council

Ken Evans
704 846-2087

Weddington Resolution to cede from County controlled Fire District

Editors Note: The resolution (click link above to read) approved by the Weddington Council on October 10, accomplishes two things. One it rescinds Weddington’s agreement to be included in the Union County Fire Protection District and declares a Weddington municipal fire district, which will be administered by the town of Weddington.

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