Oct 132011

Fred Weber for Stallings Town Council, District 5

My wife and I moved to Stallings in 2004. There were parks, recreation, nearby shopping and good people. For us it was and still is a good fit. But with time comes change. Stallings is growing and it is time to improve and repair what we have without changing the character and stability of our Town. We must fix our roads and sidewalks. I will propose and vote for a positive Economical Development Plan that will provide us with spending guides for improvements to neglected infrastructures for at least the next five years. I will do the same to implement a Capital Improvement Plan that will mandate the Town’s progress in resident approved projects.

I will support Economic Development, particularly parks and recreational facilities. But they must be well thought out and planned. I will oppose moving too quickly into projects before plans have been completely researched. Above all I will be mindful of the economic impact on taxpayers, you and I.  I will fight against unnecessary tax increases especially if it is due to questionable and inefficient use of taxpayer’s money.

We must not damage the financial security of the town by spending fund balances to invest in projects that have not been proven or properly planned and approved. I will propose to fully investigate the possibility of obtaining private money to assist us in our projects. I will determine if partnering with State, County or neighboring municipalities is in the best interest of Stallings when planning projects.

I will work toward a more transparent form of government. I believe the recent Town Survey should play a pivotal role in determining how the Town should move forward. We were asked for our opinion, we answered, you and I deserve a council that listens. In order for the Town of Stallings to work towards an interconnected community, you need a Council Member who is 100% committed to the welfare of its citizens and will continue to encourage growth and development. Please Support my efforts. For this exact reason my vision is “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.”

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  2 Responses to “Meet Fred Weber, Candidate for Stallings Town Council”

  1. Fred,

    You suck. You caused numerous families to lose their homes with your up your ass enforcement of HOA rules and instead of being someone with compassion or patience you are a lying dirty scumbag.

  2. Carmello,

    Do you talk to your mother with that mouth? Just curious…

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