Oct 142011

Ira Bostic

Meet Ira Bostic

Candidate for Stallings Town Council-District 5

“Focused On Our Future”

I firmly believe this is an important election because of the trying times facing our town, community, region and state. All government entities in NC are competing for decreasing revenues. It is imperative that Stallings do its best to take advantage of all funds available to the town from local, state and federal governments. Even more important is the effective allocation of our available resources.

It is also incumbent on Stallings leaders to advocate for county policy to ensure that Stallings receives a fair share of water and sewer capacity. Without adequate utilities we cannot recruit new businesses or retain existing local companies when they cannot expand for lack of resources from the town.

I will use my business background to foster new business creation, promote job growth, and recruit new business to Stallings, including a significant business marketing program for the town. We must be aware of our growth needs. If we do not grow we are not going to be able to sustain our people.

Another important goal for council is to promote our town by working with other cities, counties, and state and federal representatives. We must not take a back-seat to surrounding cities or organizations. The reputation of Stallings can be improved with a focused effort.

I believe that I can bring the experience, leadership and commitment gained from 45 years in business and industry to help take our great community into the future. Stallings will be experiencing some of the biggest challenges ever encountered in the next five to ten years. New roads, including the Monroe Bypass, widening of Old Monroe Road, and revitalization of the Hwy. 74 corridor are some of the examples of projects that will change the face of the town and surrounding communities.

I’m asking for the opportunity to serve and contribute to the town of Stallings. My goal is a financially secure town, a prosperous town, and not for it to become challenged as other cities are.

It would be my privilege to help ensure Stallings remains a wonderful place to call home.

Ira Bostic

E-mail- itbostic@gmail.com
Web site: www.voteforbostic.com

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  1. This website shows judgments of about $20K from this year (Jan, 2011 and Sept 2011) against this candidate. I would like to hear his side of the story b/c for me to vote for him, I need to know he is capable of helping the town manage their budget without just simply walking away from debts. Very concerning because if you walk away and not even show up to court, then how are you able to run for council? Dont you have to use some of your money??? PLEASE explain

    here is the website http://stallingspd.com

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