Nov 302011

A week ago, County Commissioners voted to approve what is laughingly(1) called a lease extension — a net 75 year lease that only resembles a sale.

Lets put the lease document aside for the moment and just look at the initial cash windfall into county coffers. According to the new contract, Union County will receive a lump sum of $54 million in January 2012.

The following WSOC-TV news-clip lays out a couple ideas.

So the $54 million question is just what to do with that all money??? Project Legacy? Project Iron-horse? or Frank Aikmus’ Project Tax Break! (visit Frank’s Facebook page: Citizens for Union County Tax Relief)

Commissioner Todd Johnson (Vice Chair) alludes to other ideas as quoted in the WSOC-TV report; “There are other issues that we need to worry about, different capital improvements.” Johnson said, “There’s also debt.”

According to the WSOC-TV report the question of a tax-cut will be on the Dec. 5 Commissioners agenda.

Stay tuned…

  1. Only in certain in Union County political circles does something that looks, walks and quacks like a duck sale called a lease extension []

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  2 Responses to “$54 Million County Windfall — So where’s my tax break?”

  1. They sold the hospital for $54 million!! Wow, politics really does pay – if youre on the wrong side of ethics. The other commissioners were talking $250-$300 million – - taxpayers should be incensed. So much for their promise to not sell the hospital. Not only did they sell the hospital, but they got about $250 million LESS for it. Just goes to show what a bought and paid for commissioner can do. Personally, I couldnt care less about the hospital, but as a taxpayer I am furious that the sale was for so little. We could have libraries, parks, more sheriff locations, better fire protection, tax breaks, etc… This is reminiscent of the Baucom, Mills, Pressley almost sale for $25 million – at least Pressley had the sense to rescind his vote. These commissioners are unbelievable – no wonder nobody wants to get involved in politics!

  2. Do you know where one can find a copy (or at least the details) of the lease? Im wondering whos finally ending up paying for CMC-Waxhaw…

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