May 112012

In a posting to the VSO after the April Commissioners meeting, I suggested that Commissioner Todd Johnson owed Todd Haynes an apology for calling him a “bold faced liar” during Commissioner comments at the end of the last meeting.

Mr. Johnson did apologize at last Monday’s meeting, on his own accord.(1)

People make mistakes, the citizens view the function of government unfamiliar with policy or nomenclature. Elected officials are expected to give citizens the benefit of doubt and should never launch into such an attack. Not knowing any better, Mr. Johnson’s attack could be viewed as the actions of bully, trying to intimidate, not only Mr. Haynes, but anyone else who rises to speak and voice their opinions in a public venue.

These are passionate times — people are gravely concerned for their schools and children.

Todd Johnson is passionate too.

  1. I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that he listens to me. LOL []

May 112012


Concerned citizens and parents jammed the Commissioners board room to standing room only and most stayed until the Commissioners voted 3-2 to hire an outside consultant to advise them – through the manager – on school budget issues.

Not only did Commissioners Thomas, Simpson and Todd Johnson vote to hire the outside consultant, they threw out board policy of getting competitive bids for the job. Apparently, sole-sourcing contracts is ok, when they do it. So expediency trumps fiscal responsibility — not very conservative is it?

It’s important to view the “average citizen” involved in an issue and taking a stand. Take a few minutes to watch your neighbors, PTO/PTA members and teachers  as they address the Commissioners.