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Primary Piffle in North Carolina

Posted on May 4, 2012 The FactCheck Wire • Primary Piffle in North Carolina

In the final week of a hotly fought Republican primary in North Carolina, one congressional candidate accuses his rival — in a mailer sent to GOP voters — of being a “Big Money Donor” to Democrats. And he accuses another of breaking a tax pledge. But we find both claims by wealthy businessman and former state Sen. Robert Pittenger are off the mark.

In truth, financial adviser Dan Barry, the supposed “Big Money Donor,” contributed to 11 Republicans and only two Democrats in national races between 2003 and 2011. And a life insurance trade group with which Barry is affiliated — and similarly attacked in the mailer — has contributed to more Republicans than Democrats during the 2012 election cycle.

The other candidate, County Commissioner Jim Pendergraph, didn’t break a tax pledge — even according to the conservative group that sponsors the pledge. What he pledged to oppose were federal tax hikes — if he’s elected to Congress. As a county commissioner, Pendergraph recently approved a new tax to provide more fire service to unincorporated areas in Charlotte’s suburbs. His vote drew criticism — but not claims of broken promises — from the pledge group.

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Over the last few months my mailbox, like most 9th District Republicans, has been inundated with campaign mailers, mostly from former State Sen. Robert Pittenger, one of the ten candidates vying for the 9th District Congressional seat in the Republican primary.  With the exception of Mr. Pittenger, this race is been free of personal attacks, distorting opponents records and inflamed rhetoric. Sen. Pittenger began bombarding mailboxes and television commercials with hyped and distorted claims concerning Mecklenburg Commissioner Jim Pendergraph, all in an attempt I imagine, to obscure his own dismal record.

The other day I received two Pittenger mailers, one soft and fuzzy and the other an attack job. There was however a new addition to the attack. Dan Barry, our local Union County candidate for the 9th District, was drawning Mr. Pittenger’s fire as well.

I have been annoyed by the constant baseless attacks, but pleased that Dan Barry had apparently moved up in the polls sufficiently to threaten Pittenger, so I sent out this tweet,

The Pittenger campaign mailers keep coming, today I got one ATTACK mailer and one “soft fuzzy” He is attacking Dan Barry now too #nc09
5/2/12 2:29 PM

Within a day I was contacted by a representative from who asked me to send them Pittenger’s mailer, which I did.

My thanks to Ben Finley who researched and wrote the article.

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