May 252012

In an effort to reduce the length of the video, I have edited out everything but the public comments and commissioners comments. Not all the public comments were included, but those that were, more than represent the flavor of all the comments.

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  One Response to “Public and Commissioners comments from May 21 Commissioners meeting”

  1. OMG! Go to Thomas’ commissioner comments. He gets caught in another lie – right on camera. He invited people to ask questions and come to the podium and when a lady (you can’t see who, but you can hear her) approaches the podium to ask him a question, he looks to Simpson, who promptly uses his gavel, and the woman can be heard saying “didn’t you ask people to approach?” (which he did) and Thomas LIES and says “I did not!”…..OMG! How many lies is this guy gonna be caught in? Imagine how many lies go undetected. Listen to the boos and comments of the crowd, nobody is buying his crap!

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