Jun 012012

Come December 2012 — do you think your interests will be represented on the Union County Board of Commissioners?

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  2 Responses to “‘Union County is my home! Its only your address’ — UnionToon Video”

  1. Oh my goodness. I had no idea Parker Mills had made those comments at a meeting. How dare he try to determine who could call Union County their home. He has always been divisive and arrogant, and now it is caught on tape. Union County is made up of alot of different people from alot of different places. Most of the people want the same things (a good safe home and a place where their children can get a great education), it disgusts me that a former politician has such disdain for people that were not born here. Union County is my home and it is a great place. The politicians such as Parker, and Johnson and Thomas try to keep this county divided, it works for their purposes. I live for the day that the “ants” join together and expose these politicians for what they truly are. So refreshing to see one little ant (Commissioner Kuehler) stand up to these school yard bullies!

  2. The deluge of seeds representing the ants has already begun via the UCPS Education Advocates (aka Green Shirts) who have dominated the meeting room of the County Commission meetings during the past two months. Not only do we show up and speak at BOCC meetings, we also share information with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others. We use traditional and social media AND we vote! Be warned, GRASSHOPPERS: the ANTS will begin by moving the rubber tree plant (getting enough signatures on the TK petition) and then follow up by (re) moving you as we vote this and future Novembers…

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