Jul 152012

As Republicans hope to pick up additional House seats and even capture the Senate in November, they are nettled by the growing prospect of losing an otherwise safe House seat in North Carolina to Democrats.

Two Republicans are battling in a primary run-off for the 9th District seat held by retiring Republican Rep. Sue Myrick, who has held it for 18 years. But the frontrunner is so plagued by scandals that the party fears the Democrat candidate in the race could exploit them and possibly win Myrick’s largely conservative congressional district located south of Charlotte, N.C.

Tuesday’s [July 17] run-off election will decide the primary race between Robert Pittenger, who garnered 32 percent of the vote, and Jim Pendergraph, who took 25 percent.

Despite his edge in the polls, Pittenger is considered “damaged goods,”according to a GOP congressional leader in Washington.

“Robert Pittenger is a bad person,” said the official, who wished to go unnamed. “The guy is involved in public corruption by FBI definition.”

In 2007, she publicly severed ties with Pittenger after he spread what she called false rumors that they had cut a deal whereby she would run for North Carolina governor and endorse Pittenger for her congressional seat.

No fewer than 16 current and former elected officials from Myrick’s district – including seven mayors – have endorsed Pendergraph over Pittenger, largely because of the ethical cloud hanging over Pittenger.

In fact, Pittenger, a former North Carolina state senator, may soon become a target of investigation. And party officials worry Democratic candidate Jennifer Roberts will seize on the news during the general election.
via ‘Damaged’ GOP candidate to hand Dems safe seat?.

Reader Note: I am not a fan of quoting unnamed sources as used in the article linked above, but in this case, common sense would lend credence to the use. Democrats, with the aid of a liberal media has made Mitt Romney’s departure from Bain Capital into a felony, what do you think they will do with the alleged corruption of Robert Pittenger? How much more of his millions will Pittenger spend after the primary? How much enthusiasm can the GOP muster to support damaged goods?

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