Feb 272013

Here’s a bill that should not have been necessary, but I’d like to add spelling to that list of traditional and essentials lessons not being taught these days.  I’d really like to know who made the decision that children don’t need to learn cursive or multiplication tables.  Though on second thought, those of us who benefited from a full education, could make a little side money translating cursive for a generation of children who block print everything and stare blankly at birthday cards with notes from Aunt Edna.

Earlier this week, a bill was introduced in the North Carolina House of Representatives that would require students to learn cursive and memorize their multiplication tables in school. The bill was sent to the education committee.

The bill, given the short title “Back to Basics,” requires that students are able to write readable documents through “legible cursive handwriting” by the end of fifth grade.

Should the bill pass into law, it will not mark a change for elementary school students in the Union County Public Schools system.

“It is something we teach,” Tom Bulla, director of elementary education, said.

A few years ago the department of public instruction gave the local education agencies the option of teaching cursive.

“We opted to continue teaching cursive,” Bulla said. “That came before the principals and they decided that we would continue focusing on (cursive handwriting).”

via Bill would require cursive, multiplication tables | The Enquirer Journal.

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