Election 2012: Candidate List


2012 Primary Elections
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 Endorsed by the Village Scribe

Congressional District #8
Larry Kissell (D) i
Marcus W. Williams (D)
Vernon Robinson (R)
Scott Keadle (R)
Dr. John M. Whitley (R) 
Richard Hudson (R)
Fred Steen (R)

Congressional District #9
Daniel Barry (R)
Andy Dulin (R)
Jim Pendergraph (R)
Michael Shaffer (R)
Ric Killian (R)
Michael Steinberg (R)
Jon Gauthier (R)
Ken Leonczyk (R)
Richard Lynch (R)
Robert Pittenger (R)

Jennifer Roberts (D)

NC Governor
Pat McCory (R)
Doug Schell (R)

Bob Etheridge (D)
William Faison (D)

NC Lt. Governor
Dan Forest (R) 
Tony Gurley (R)
Dale Folwell (R)
Grey Mills(R)

Eric Mansfield (D)
Linda D. Coleman (D)

NC House

District 68
Craig Horn (R) i 
Ken Baker (D)

District 69
Dean Arp (R) 
Jeff Gerber (r)

District 55
Richard Johnson (R)
Marc Brody (R)
John Barker (R)

NC Senate 35
Tommy Tucker (R) i

State Auditor
Beth A. Wood (D)

Fern Shubert (R)
Joseph Hank DeBragga (R)
Greg Dority (R)
Debra Goldman (R)
Rudy Wright (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

June Atkinson (D) i

Richard Alexander (R)
Ray Martin (R)
David Scholl (R)

State Insurance Commissioner:
Wayne Goodwin (D) i

Mike Causey (R)
James McCall (R)

Commissioner of Agriculture
Bill McManus

Secretary of State
Michael Beitler
AJ Daoud
Kenn Gardner
Eddy Goodwin 

Frank Roche

County Commissioners
Frank Aikmus (R)
Richard Helms (R)


Supreme Court
Paul Newby (R) i
Samuel Ervin (D)

Court of Appeals
(Thigpen Seat)
Cressie Thigpen (D) i
Chris Dillon (R)

(McGee Seat)
Linda McGee (D) i
David S Robinson

(Bryant Seat)
Wanda Bryant (D) i
Marty McGee (R)

District Court Judge (20B)
Hunt Gwynn

District Court Judge (20C)
Stephen V. Higdon (R) i
Althea Richardson-Tucker (D)
Joseph J. Williams (R) i

District Court Judge (20D)
Tripp Helms (D) i
Sherryl West (R)

School Board (JULY Signup)

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 5

At-Large (2 seats)

Endorsed by the Village Scribe

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  1. Since Chairman Arp has chosen to run for State House District 69, does he plan on resigning his School Board seat on election day or earlier? Also: With Mr. Arp basically a shoo-in, has the Board voted to include District 3 on the November ballot in order to fill the seat now instead of having an appointee serve until 2014?

    Thank you to anyone with helpful information,

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