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Commissioner Tracy Kuehler had decided not to seek re-election in 2012. She had spent almost four years representing the citizens of Union County and was ready to return to just being a parent of two boys.

As it turned out, only two people out of 201,000 citizens in Union County filed as candidates for the two open Union County Commissioners seats. Two Republican candidates, Frank Aikmus and Richard Helms signed up and ran unopposed in the Republican Primary. No Democrats or Libertarians choose to run and as a result, Aikmus and Helms will be on the ballot in November with no opposition.

In April, the seriousness of School budget crisis became apparent as thousands of parents went to school cluster meetings all over the county and County Commissioner meetings and finally realized that the current underfunding of the Union County Schools would continue as the majority of the County Commissioners spent more time attacking parents, UCPS officials and School Board members rather than address the shortfalls in funding.

Tracy Kuehler felt that both Commissioner candidates, who would elected by default, would continue to represent the same special interests currently supported by Commissioners Thomas, Simpson and Johnson. The parents, teachers and citizens would have NO voice on Board of Commissioners and at the urging of parents, Kuehler agreed to run as an Unaffiliated candidate for County Commissioner. If successful, her single voice would be as an advocate for those citizens, who are woefully unrepresented today.

Ms. Kuehler has two herculean tasks ahead, first to get 5100 needed petition signatures to be added on the ballot by June 29, then to win in November. The first task is where she needs your help now.

The following link is for the Petition Form. Download and print it. It is acceptable with just your own signature, but you can always ask your neighbors to sign as well.

[Click Here] for PETITION

Please mail you petition to:

Tracy Kuehler Petition
C/O W. Davidson
713 Evans Manor Drive
Matthews, NC 28104

  4 Responses to “Sign the Kuehler Petition”

  1. Union County needs Tracy Kuehler!

  2. Anyone who thinks that a person likes subjecting themselves to ridicule, lies, attacks, and pure disdain is simply nuts. Commissioner Kuehler has been subjecting herself to this for almost 2 years, yet she is willing to do it for 4 more years. Why? Because she believes in the people in the county and believes in what democracy is supposed to be about, representing the people. She has stepped up at the REQUEST of the people! Even not knowing everything Commissioner Kuehler has done for the citizens, she would get my support on that basis alone.

  3. I think it is important to everyone that these kids get a good education. I have a second grader in marshville elementary ans want to see her succeed. I am aware that funding has become a big problem, not only with the school system but with all governmental agencies. I would love nothing more than to see all teachers and teacher assistants keep their jobs. With that being said i do hope our current commissioners stand their ground and hold the board of education accountable for the money they receive. It isnt a good practice to just hand money out when ever they ask for it. Im sure next year will be the same and the year after that. Stop using the kids as an emotional tool to get more money. Should commissioners give more money? I say probably a little bit but not all that the school board is asking for. Tough economic times are hard for everyone. Its time to get real solutions. Surely their is a compromise out here that can be reached. School board cut other areas as much as possible. Commissioners find some money to meet them part of the way. No matter what happens im sure the kids will get used again next year for the same problems… By the way no way will i ever sign a petition for tracy to get on ballot. And come november i will not support her then either. As a native union county citizen i find it interesting that everyone wants to move here then when they get here all they seem to want to do is complain about everyone else moving here. Im glad you guys are here, paying all that money on your over priced houses. Its good for our tax revenue. Now spend some of that money in union county instead of going across the county line. Us true southerners will be polite, and respectful. But please do the same. Stop belly aching about a issue that you helped cause. Lets work together and find solutiins. I hope you all have a great day. Stay cool…

    • Native, the kids won’t get a good education without teacher assistants. Many studies to back that up. I agree that it is not the county’s responsibility to fund the TA positions, but since the schools are the number 1 draw for people moving to Union County, the county should take the utmost care of that asset. The schools have not gotten more money for 3 years now, yet the student population has grown by the thousands. The schools haven’t asked for that money – yet. Do they have waste? I’m sure they do and if the commissioners would work WITH the schools instead of insulting them, we might get somewhere. But unfortunately they refuse to do that, so no compromise. What would you suggest the school system use for their reasoning for asking for more money? It is about the kids and always will be. Their business is kids so it is unreasonable to state that they are using kids for political gain. The people that have moved here are supporting the county, take a look at the tax records. The revenue comes from the new people and guess who sold the land to the developers….the true southerners. Now who is complaining? Who is the real cause of this? Quit the blame game and realize that if you build it they will come. Would you rather completely damage the quality of life and education and have people moving out? That would help the tax rate for sure. You have a right to your opinion, I just wish you would be realistic about it. Bless your heart.

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